Many of you might be aware of Google Play Music app. It is a default app that comes with every Google Play Certified Android phone. Despite being there for quite some time, Google Music Play isn’t able to make a difference. It has failed in comparison with Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify and other similar apps. According to recent news, we have learned that Google Play Music is going to be soon replaced by YouTube Remix.

It is no wonder that Google has taken the decision. Especially when Google Music’s Market share lackluster 6 percent in comparison with Spotify’s 18 percent and Pandora’s 32 percent. YouTube-branded streaming services have been around since December 2017. YouTube Remix is going to have a different approach to Music streaming. You will be able to play music along with clips. It seems that YouTube Remix is going to be the best of YouTube and Play Music and you are going to love every moment of it.

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Google has worked really hard on YouTube Remix as well as Play Music development, it does make sense that Play Music will eventually become obsolete. However, the process through which YouTube Remix will takeover Music Play is unknown. All we know so far is that Google will Force Adopt YouTube Remix by the end of this year. When Driod-Life was asked regarding the YouTube Remix taking over Play Music, they said that the transition is going to take place. However, they will not pull out the plugin at once. How the transition is going is something we all are looking forward too.

Music is very important for Google, thus we are sure that YouTube Music and Google will come up with something extraordinary. Google says that their new app is going to meet consumers’ needs and requirements.


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