YouTube is second to none when it comes to video sharing, uploading, downloading, streaming and live streaming. It has made its mark and is still going strong under great care of its parent company Google. The users are allowed to live stream from their smartphones if they have 10,000 subscribers on their channel.

The good news, here, is that recently media has been booming with the rumours of YouTube going soft and letting its users go live stream if they have 1,000 subscribers on their channels. We need to hold our horses as nothing official has been said or declared so far from either YouTube or Google.

Most of the media are claiming that YouTube is giving serious thought to changing its policy towards the dependence of live stream on the number of subscribers, so that it could compete Facebook. Facebook has no policy at all in this regard and anyone who has an account on Facebook is eligible to go live.

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The pre-requisites for the eligibility to go live stream on YouTube are only two. First things first, the user must have a verified channel on YouTube for going live stream. Second, copyright issue is a sensitive one and the respective channel shouldn’t have received any notification of stream restriction in the past three months.

It is not only the policy of live stream that is being revamped, but the whole design and layout of the website is getting redecorated. The users will have a better user interface and more intuitive experience with this upcoming new design. The fresh design has been previewed by selected people from all around the world and soon it will be in the open for every one. 

“We’re opening up a preview of a new design to a small group of people from all around the world in order to get feedback”, wrote YouTube in a blog post.


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