Android P Developers Preview is something many of you are enjoying as the update comes with numerous changes and outstanding features. Back in March, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL users were able to download Android P Developers Preview on their phones and have a look at it. However, now we just heard the news that Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is also going to have the latest Android Developers Preview. Although, the date was set to be 8 May, but it seems Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Android P OTA update leaks early

This goes without saying that Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is going to have all the perks that come with Android Developers preview. People are still uncertain regarding the Android Developers Preview release. They are wondering if it would be closer to AOSP instead of the MIUI. Nonetheless, it is great news, as this is the first official public release of the new Android OS on Non-Google devices. It means that soon we will be hearing other devices having Android P as well. If you are wondering whether the factory image will come from Xiaomi or directly from Google, then you will have to wait a while. We don’t even know this yet, nonetheless, we will figure that out in the near future. According to the announcement post, the users are going to enjoy Android P’s features on their smartphone.

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After releasing the post, the company did remove it. So, we were in a fix whether the news was true or not. However, some reliable source ensured us that the news is true after all. We are going to find Android P firmware in the works for Xiaomi 2S. if you wondering that since Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Android P OTA update leaks early, where can you download it from? Simply Click on the Link below.

Download Android OTA for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

We are not sure whether you should download the leaked version. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that you sideload it. Although the chances are less as your device needs to approve it before you can update it using the updater app. You can extract images and flash them over the partition manually, but we do not recommend this especially when you use the phone in your daily routine.

No matter what the case is, we are still surprised at Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Android P OTA update leaks early news. We thought Sony or some other company will be getting the update first, but it seems Xiaomi has an upper hand this time.

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