The Samsung has launched its new brand Samsung Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 has new exciting features with the large screen and upgraded hardware and lots of design changes as compared to S7. Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now available for sale in the market and you can also buy it online from various online websites. .Pre-orders for S8 started 3 weeks before proper release which is shows, how much Samsung fans are excited to buy this new flagship from Samsung.

If you are living in the U.S then this article is best for you because all the details related to the availability of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the United States are discussed here.

U.S carriers:

You can buy S8 from all U.S carriers as they are offering both Galaxy S8 and S8+ with 64 GB storage and in three different colors: black, silver and orchid gray. At the start, people may face stock shortages finding a specific model in a specific color. But for now, we do not have any report regarding stock shortage for any specific color or model.

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You can find the lowest price $720 for both Galaxy S8 but steps up to $840 for the Galaxy S8+ at Verizon. You can finance the phones over 24 months.



AT & T also offering the lowest price. They offer Galaxy S8 at $749 and Galaxy S8+ at $849.AT & T also offers the longest financing option of 30 months. Which spreads out the prices to $25 per month for the GS8 and $28 per month for the GS8+.

Buy Galaxy S8 from AT&T



T-Mobile is offering Galaxy S8 at $750 and Galaxy S8+ at $850. If you want to finance your purchase, it breaks down to $30 upfront and $30 per month for 24 months for the GS8, or $130 upfront and $30 per month for 24 months for the GS8+.

Buy Galaxy S8 from T.Mobiles



Sprint offers multiple prices and scheme for both Galaxy S8 and S8+.Its monthly financing plans are cheap but Sprint ‘s phone returning policy is 18 months after that it pays to get the new one.The 18-month lease of Galaxy S8 is $31.25 per month or you can pay that same price per month over 24 months to buy it at full price $750. The same lease for S8+ plus will cost you $35.42 per month or you can continue to pay the same price over 24 months to pay the full retail price of $850. You can get 30% discount on financing deal when ordered online.

Buy Galaxy S8 from Sprint



T-Mobile’s low-cost subsidiary MetroPCS will be selling the Galaxy S8 after the full launch of S8 MetroPCS did not offer pre-order. The price for the Galaxy S8 will be $729, and MetroPCS hasn’t indicated if it will sell the Galaxy S8+ eventually.

Buy Galaxy S8 from Metropcs



Cricket is a prepaid carrier of AT &T and right now it is offering only Galaxy S8 jus in one color, midnight black at $699.

Buy Galaxy S8 from Cricket



Many Big retailers like Best buy and Walmart is selling both Galaxy S8 and S8+.These retailers have good reviews of the customer for their good services and they also offer a little discount in the form of gift cards. You can find the best deal from one of them.

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Best Buy

Best Buy orders live for both Galaxy S8 and S8+ on all four major U.S carriers. Its pricing is not much different from the carriers. But you can take benefits from special deals which Best Buy offers.

Buy Galaxy S8 from BestBuy



If you want to get a prepaid phone from Total Wireless or Straight Talk then you can order Galaxy S8 and S8+ directly online on Walmart. Walmart is offering cheap prices ,$659 for the Galaxy S8 and $759 for the Galaxy S8+ with unlimited color choices.Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular are big carriers for Walmart but the carrier may vary depending on your region. You have to use the Walmart “store finder” to get an idea of what you can get.

Buy Galaxy S8 from Wallmart


Unlocked models:

Samsung didn’t officially make an announcement about the availability of U.S. unlocked models, but Best Buy announced a date of May 9 for pre-orders.

Best Buy Unlocked

Best Buy is the only place for right now which are selling official U.S unlocked Galaxy S8 or S8+.Pricing is set at $725 for the Galaxy S8 and $825 for the Galaxy S8+.

Buy Galaxy S8 from BestBuy



Amazon is the largest online shopping platform if you really do not want only U.S specific model if Galaxy then you can easily buy an international unlocked Galaxy S8 or S8+ from Amazon. But you may find the little expensive price on Amazon.

Buy Galaxy S8 from Amazon


B&H Photo:

B&H Photo has both models available unlocked in a variety of colors. Although these are not U.S specific models but they imported has international models. So the normal terms and conditions are applied to it. You can buy them for a small markup from retail price at B&H.

Buy Galaxy S8 from B&H Photo


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