Based on the previous dates of launching its operating system iOS, it looks like that the iOS 11 will be coming some time after launch of the new iPhone mobile. Be it the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 or slightly rumored iPhone 10 (based on iPhone’s 10 year anniversary this year) it is going to come out in second or third week of September. 

Let’s have a look at the last few iPhones and their operating system launch dates. 

iPhone launched                                                    iOS launched

iPhone 5 launched on September 12                                                 iOS 6 released on 19th September

iPhone 5s launched on September 10th                                            iOS 7 released 18th September

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 on Plus launched Sep. 9th                           iOS 8 released 17th September

iPhone 6s launched September 9th                                                     iOS 9 released 16th September

iPhone 7 launched September 7th                                                        iOS 10 released 13th September

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Looking at these dates in previous 5-6 years, we expect the iPhone X to come out in first week of September this year, and the new operating system iOS 11 will definitely be coming in 2nd week of September. Or if the iPhone launch is moved to second week, so the iOS 11 will come out in third week of the same month. 

Features and Rumors:

These are the new features which are rumored to be in the new iOS 11

1- FaceTime Group Calling could be coming to iOS 11. We have had the FaceTime feature for past few years but the rumor is, that the new operating system might be coming up with the feature where a group of more than 2 people sitting at different locations can have a online video call. 

2- Contextual learning and iCloud integration could be the new features Siri might be in control of in the new iOS 11.  

3- The rumors are that Apple is working on the major iPad-specific updates in iOS 11.

4- There could be major design changes in iOS 11.

5– Apple might introduce Dark Mode in the new operating system. 

6- iOS 11 might be dropping the support for 32-Bit apps. 

7- iOS 11 lock screen might have few changes. 

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