If you are looking for something that lets you manage and access your media across devices, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you a complete beginners guide to Plex. Despite this service being around for quite some time, we know that many of you are unaware of it and its corresponding advantages. You might think, how could this be possibly helpful for us. But the truth is, it is the perfect thing when it comes to managing your media collection.

The process of setting up Plex is pretty easy and efficient. There are no strings attached and we dare say, you will enjoy it. If you are looking for a way, to begin with, you just need to read on.

What is Plex

For starters let us introduce you to this amazing service. With Plex, you can enjoy the access to your personal media regardless where you are and what device you are using. May it be a mobile phone or a smart TV. Plex will make it easy and simple for you.

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Setting up

To setup Plex, all you have to do follow the instructions shown on the screen. All the Plex on your PC is going to be executed in the browser. You would have to tell it the place where your media content will be stored. Since you will be hosting the content yourself, storing it on a laptop that you plan to take everywhere is not a good idea. Make sure that you store it from where you can steam while you are away from your house.

We believe that a standalone desktop or an old, spare PC will be an excellent choice. Ideally, you would be needing something that you can leave home and it can stay connected to the internet. You can’t make something that you throw in a sack and take along the main server for your media content.

Netgear X10 router is what Plex media server has been built on It might be expensive, but it really is powerful. By installing the special Plex Media Server build, you not only hook it up to a network-attached drive, but it can act the same way as your PC would have. The file names of Plex are to be organized in the desired structured for Plex to comprehend and play them. You don’t have to worry, Plex will provide you handy hints at the time of setting the media content.

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Plex tries to facilitate you as much as possible, besides your own content, you can enjoy a bunch of different content channels that come inbuilt with different Plex apps across all platforms. BBC iPlayer has an excellent app for not only Android but also other platforms, likewise, there are many other standalone for apps. However, the Channels are region-dependent. So, if a certain channel is not available in your region there is very little Plex can do about it.

What is Plex Pass

You have decided that Plex is what you were looking for, then it time to consider Plex Pass. It is the best way to get most out of Plex. It is an add-on that you can pay for a lifetime, yearly or monthly subscription. Below we have highlighted its perks.

  • You get early access to all the new features of Plex
  • You get access to the preview release versions of Plex apps including Plex Media Server.
  • The Plex apps for Roku and Android will be free for you.
  • You can enjoy premium features such as Camera upload, Cloud Sync and Plex Sync.
  • Access to voting for new Plex features as well as get your query answered via Plex Ninjas questions and much more.

Plex Apps

The widely available application for your different smart TVs, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One is the most appealing part of Plex. There are apps for set-top boxes including NVIDIA Shield, Roku, Windows 10, iOS and Android.  It is a complete package and sever for enjoying your media content.

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