We exclusively bring you a detailed article on one of the most exciting feature of the talk of the town game nowadays. We are talking about the 50 Versus 50 mode in Fortnite Battle Royal which once again has been introduced by the game’s creators, Epic Games. It’s a chance for all those players who were not playing the game in December last year or missed the limited time feature of 50v50 mode in one of the most popular game in recent times.

The latest update 3.5.2 version of Fornite Battle Royal was just released for the iOS Devices and it comes with 50 versus 50 mode with some improvements and stability for the mode. Below we will talk about some of the new features the mode has in its latest update. Some of the features which players who have played the 50 versus 50 mode in Fortnite Battle Royal in last December won’t know a thing of as they are completely new, so there is something for every Fortnite player in it. Let’s get to it without any further delay.

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50 versus 50 mode in Fortnite Battle Royale:

Let’s talk about some of the new features which have been introduced in the latest 50 versus 50 mode in Fortnite Battle Royale update 3.5.2, the features which were not there in last December’s 50v50 mode introduction. Brand new Light Machine has been added in the latest update. Also changes have been made in resource gathering, ammo, item spawns and in a lot more already existing features. Also one of the best and different than the previous 50v50 Mode feature would be that the Fortnite Battle Royal players can also enjoy a double XP for three days starting from 19th April till 22nd of April.

In the latest 50 versus 50 mode in Fortnite Battle Royal, each team will be given their own buses with the one you playing will be colored in blue and your opposite bus will be shown in red color, and they will be coming from the opposite sides. The Map in the latest 50v50 mode also gives detailed final storm from the start along with within teams “battle lines” to show you where you can be facing the enemy.

Another exciting and entertaining feature is that, this mode lets you rob like no one is there to stop you for almost 10 minutes with extra 5 minutes to go crazy and fight it in the battle before it ends with the storm vanishing completely. You will also be getting supplies every two minutes although it’s going to be only in the final storm circle and it gets to you in three to six batches.

This was all about the latest 50 versus 50 mode in Fortnite Battle Royal. Good luck battling it out and play it soon as possible as it won’t last long.

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