There are certain places where we are unable to get WiF, thus we have to use mobile data. It really hurts because cellular data is very expensive, but in this article, we will teach you several ways in which you can reduce the amount of data usage of your iPhone.

Different ways of reducing your iPhone’s Mobile Data Usage in iOS 10.3.2-iOS 10

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Disabling AutoPlay videos:

When you open social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc, those small videos that get loaded automatically consume a lot of your cellular data, you need to disable them in order to save some mobile data. To do so, open your Facebook app, look for “More” tab and tap on it. From there go to Settings>Account Setting>Videos and Photos. Here, you need to select the Video Setting option and Auto-play, tap on Wifi Connectivity only option.

For Twitter, go to profile view>Gear>Settings>Data>Video Autoplay and then select the “Never Play videos automatically option. Or you can even select “Use Wi-Fi Only” option.

For Instagram, go to your profile View, from there you have to tap on the “Gear” icon that is located at the top of the screen. Then select mobile data use and enable the “Use Less Data” option.

Keep a check on the amount of cellular data used by apps

You need to keep a track of the apps that use the maximum of your cellular data package. To do so, head to Setting, look for Cellular option and there you will be able to see all apps along with the amount of cellular data that they have used to date. Just turn off those apps that are consuming a large amount of your mobile data.

Don’t let iCloud use Cellular Data

iCloud is a place where you can make a backup of your things. Many don’t even know that their backup is being made even on the cellular network. This really does eat up all the MBs especially when you love taking pictures. You should disable this option, you need to open the setting section> iCloud drive and check for whether the “Use Cellular Data” option is enabled or disabled.

Disable Automatic Downloads

Automatic download of your apps can really finish all your MBs, the best way to go about is that you disable this option when you are using the cellular network. To do this, go to Setting>iTunes and App store> and disable “Use Cellular Data” option.

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Disable Wi-Fi Assist

In case your Wi-Fi gets disconnected for a few seconds or minutes, Wi-Fi assist will automatically shift you to mobile data. This is cool, but what if you are watching a movie, all your MBs are gone. You need to disable this by going to Setting>Cellular> disable Wi-Fi assist.

Disable Background App Refresh

Automatic refreshing of your apps in the background also consumes a lot of your mobile data. Go to Setting>General>Background app Refresh and disable it for any app that you want.

Avoid using Cellular Data for Apple Music

Streaming music on your mobile data can take up a lot of data. Go to Setting>Music>Cellular Data. Now you can disable the option of downloading and streaming over the cellular network.

Track your Mail App

If you have a lot of work over the mail, then let this be. If now, go to Setting>Mail and disable the Load Remote images option.

Chrome’s Reduce Data Mode

If you use Chrome, you should enable the Chrome’s Reduce Data Mode. You can enable this feature from Chrome’s settings.

Monitor your Data Usage

You should monitor your data usage in order to remain within your phone bill budget. There are a number of third-party apps such as smartsapp and DataMan Next that can aid you in this.

Low-Quality Images in iMessage

Instead of sending high-quality images, you should opt for low-quality images in iMessage. To turn the low-quality image mode, head to Setting>Messages> enable Low-Quality Image Mode.

Switch of Cellular Data

When you are not talking to someone and you are not using your phone, please we suggest that you turn off your cellular network.

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Use low data option for watching movies on Netflix

Watching movies on Netflix can really destroy your data, if you want to stream using your mobile data, you should first enable the low-quality streaming option. Go to App Settings>Cellular data usage, look and enable the stream in low-quality option.

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