We are going to tell you a few tips about how you can Turn off gmail conversation view. If you switch on the conversation view option in Gmail, you are able to see all mails related to same topic at same place but if you don’t want this to happen, you can turn off this option. Grouping mails sometimes give you ease and sometimes it creates problem to you but when the option is turned off, mails are seen separately.

Turn off gmail conversation view:

Gmail application for Android and iOS has arrived with this new feature and new look. This is a blessing for all users to use it the way they want to. For using this feature, you need to find this in your messages as it is given in form of an attachment. This guideline below will help you with entire procedure.

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Previously, Desktop users were able to use this feature but now mobile users can also take advantage of it. If this feature is disabled on your phone, then its disabled on desktop too but if you only use on mobile, then follow the guideline below to turnoff Gmail conversation view.

Steps to Turn off gmail conversation view for Android Devices:

Follow the steps below to turnoff this feature.

  1. Open Gmail app.
  2. At top right, open menu, click settings option.
  3. In settings, choose General Settings option.
  4. In General settings, click option Conversation View.
  5. Here, uncheck check box in front of the conversation view.

Its turned off finally. Goodluck!

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