OnePlus 5 has made the multi-tasking window operation extremely easy for the users. Not everyone would be a fan of split screen function in their smartphone but the users who are multi-taskers by nature would admire the simplicity in the latest OnePlus 5’s multi-task window feature. The feature is built-in in Android 7.0 Nougat running smartphones and can be activated without any hassle at hand.

This particular feature of split screen is more usable now as we are getting remote control size smartphones with large screens where it is nearly beautiful to split the screen in two and use two apps at the same time. Th upper half and the bottom half of the screen would be occupied by the two apps that you choose to multi-task with. 

How to utilize the split screen feature in OnePlus 5:

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Step 1- First of all the apps that you wish to use for the split screen should be running in the background, as in they should not be closed by you but you simply have to launch the apps then press the Home button. This will make the apps disappear from the view but they still would be up and running in the phone’s memory.

Step 2- Using the ‘Recents’ button you should be able to pull up all the apps that are running in the background. The app you want in the top half of the screen should be long pressed and then you have to drag and drop it on the top half of the screen and the smartphone will automatically adjust its size.

Step 3- Lastly you have to select the second app that you want to use for the split screen and repeat the same process as in Step 2. The app will be again automatically scaled to the bottom half of the screen’s size. The thing here to remember is that all apps won’t be compatible with the split screen feature so when you will long press the desired app, OnePlus 5 will intimate you if the app is non-compatible. 

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