It is possible to use the Lucky patcher on non-rooted device easily.
First of all you should download the latest version of Lucky patcher from:
Because this application contains many more features for the rooted Android, non-rooted Android users could only enjoy the following features:
1) Create modified.apk

This is a function that helps you to modify the application. You can create an application with a custom patch, an application with deleted ads and one with permissions and activities already modified and the application can be stored on an SD card. Then you can install this application, but before this you should make sure to mark unknown sources in the configuration of your phone.
2) Application for Security Backup.
It is only possible to back up the application (it means that there is no data as in the Titanium backup)

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3) Hack in application shopping.
The main one is to hack the purchases of applications.
How can you hack app purchases with Lucky patcher apk?

Simply follow these steps:
1) You must download the latest version of lucky patcher apk. The above do not serve correctly.
2) Open Lucky patcher.
3) Now minimize the Lucky patcher and open the application where you want to hack the app purchases.
4) Go to the buying section and click Buy or anything that is written in your application.

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5) Now the Lucky patcher window will open instead of google in the application purchase box. In that window you will see “Do you want to try to get this application for free” as shown in the screenshots below and you must select Yes. User not rooted Click send response to the application (Unsigned).
6) Done. Now you managed to hack the purchase successfully. If the application is compatible, then what you are trying to download begins to download or what you want to unlock will be unlocked.
Below are the screenshots. In the third step, you have to check “send a reply to …”:
Because this feature is automatically enabled when you install Lucky patcher, you can disable it if you wish.
To disable, follow these steps:

1) Open the Lucky patcher and go to the toolbox
2) Select ‘Disable Google Billing Emulation’.
The next thing you need to do with Lucky Patcher on a non-rooted device is to create a modified application or game. You could modify the installed applications or games in basically 5 ways as shown in the screenshot below:
So basically you can get everything that a device user can get.
To create a modified file, you must follow these steps:
1. Touch the application / game.
2. Select Open in the patch menu followed by Create modified.apk.
3. The previous window will now appear and tap Apply or Rebuild and install or any messages that appear.
4. Wait and enjoy.


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