Many iPhone or/and iPad users make a transition to Android devices and enjoy the fruits of it but they somehow worry about some features which they are too used to let go while in the phase of using the new Android smartphone and iCloud is on of them.

The people who have an iCloud email can keep it on their Android smartphone as well though a Google account is required when you are using an Android device. It is not a lengthy process and can be easily done by following the steps mentioned below.

All you need to start with the process is that beside the Gmail app in your Android device you shall also download and install an app called ‘Email’ and the logo may appear different in various smartphones but it functions just the same.

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How to use an iCloud e-mail address on Android smartphone:

Step 1- First of all go to Settings in the notification shade and tap on the gear icon and tap on Accounts >> Add account.

Step 2- Now tap on ‘Personal (IMAP) right next to the Gmail logo and it shall import the exact server settings after recognizing your iCloud e-mail adress. If the option is there, you shall tap on ‘Email’ instead of ‘Personal (IMAP).

Step 3- In case of choosing the ‘Email’ option you shall add the server settings manually and here is how to do this.

(i) Incoming mail server:

(a) Server:

(b) SSL required: YES

(c) Port: 993

(d) Username: If your iCloud e-mail address is, for instance,, ‘haaniumar’ will be the username.

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(e) Password: You are allowed to generate a particular password for the app, otherwise the same as your iCloud email address’s password shall be used.

(ii) Outgoing mail server:

(a) Server:

(b) SSL required : YES

(c) Port: 587

(d) SMTP authentication required: YES

(e) Username:  If your iCloud e-mail address is, for instance,, ‘’ will be the username.

(f) Password: The same as it has been set for the incoming mail server either app specific or iCloud’s.

Step 4- Lastly tap on ‘Continue’ to complete the process.

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