Google has always managed to come up with something different and unique. Every Google app is an amazing piece of technology. These apps are designed to make your life organized and easy. Among its numerous app, Google Photos is considered to be the best photo organizing app. Every now and then, Google adds new features to the amazing app, in order to further enhance customer experience.

Recently Google has incorporated a new feature, Achieve Photos, to Google Photos. This will help you keep the main screen clear of clutter. It is an excellent way to organize your pictures and to keep only the important ones on the main window and the rest are hidden away. This feature can be really useful if you are looking for a way to effectively manage your photos. Moving few images from the main screen is going to make a big difference, you will love the clutter free main window.

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You can either manually archive photos, or Google will tell you when there are many duplicates present on the main screen. The pictures that your archive, they will be easily seen in the search and other folders, but just not on the main timeline.

How to archive Photos in Google Photos

  • Launch the Google Photos app from the home screen.
  • To select a photo, press and hold on it. You can select multiple pictures as well by tapping on each one.
  • Now tap on the three vertical dots that are located at the top right corner of the screen. After, that simply tap on Archive.

How to access archived photos in Google Photos

  1. Launch Google Photo app and then tap on the three horizontal lines that are present on the top left side of the screen.
  2. Now select the Archive tab and here you will be able to see all the photos that you archived.
  3. You can add images too, by tapping on the Add to archive button, select the images and then tap on done.
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