Tekken is the most famous fighting-themed video game that the world has ever come across. It has been around for years and still, people are crazy about it. Every now and then, the developer tends to enhance the game and makes it better.

The publisher Namco Bandai has finally decided to launch a smartphone entry in the series. According to initial reports, the game was to be launched later this year, but news has surfaced that the game is going to be launched earlier in Canada.

With the announcement came the trailer as well. Users were able to enjoy the many colors, powerful characters, solid graphics and much more offered by the game. There is good news for people living in Canada, they can download this game directly from Google Play Store. However, if you are living outside Canada, you might have a problem as the game is yet not available in other parts of the world.

Pre-Register for Tekken Mobile Soft

Nonetheless, there is a way through which you show you interest in the game. You would have to go to the official Tekken Mobile website and get your still pre-registered. The higher the number of pre-register, the more features will be unlocked by Namco Bandai once the game gets officially launched in that country. Some of these inbox content includes secret character exclusive, health packs, XP Boosters and much more.

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The game not only offer’s the console like fighting experience, it also lets the users collect different characters. They can use these characters to team up and defeat the enemies online. The users will also be able to upgrade their characters and add more abilities to it.

It would be interesting to see whether Tekken will be able to attract the same number of users as it’s consoling version has done. Let’s hope the game does manage to get the same popularity.


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