In this article we are going to tell you a how you can upgrade your old Android Phone and you wouldn’t even need to buy a new one. Every year companies tend to introduce better and faster  Android Phones. You would always to buy the latest technology, but it is not that easy to do so. You will require a good amount of money in order to buy the latest phone. However, why always get a new one, when you can simply Upgrade Your Android Phone to the latest one.

You will be surprised to know that there are some really effective and simple ways to make your phone faster. To Upgrade Your Android, you don’t have to do a lot of work, on the contrary, follow these effective tips and you will have the latest technology at your disposal.

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Upgrade your old Android Phone to the Latest Software worth it

You might think that keeping your Android Phone up to date is the best thing that you should do, but it is not. You might be missing out on the new performance optimization and features, but most all do run well with the older version of operating system. If you don’t Upgrade Your Android, you won’t lose much. Nonetheless, there are some reasons for which you should update your phone.

  1. To avoid any security patches and other problems, we suggest you opt for a manufacturer that is rolling out regular updates.
  2. If you Upgrade Your Old Android Phone you tend to enjoy the latest features and the latest Android.
  3. If you are keen towards your privacy and security, we recommend that you constantly update your phone to the latest OS.

Use Launchers on your Android Phone for New User Interface to Upgrade your old Android Phone:

Looking for a new user interface, use launcher, however, this is not something for everyone. You will have to flash a ROM and that requires technological knowledge. If you know how to flash a ROM, then this is perhaps one of the best ways to make your phone faster.

Launchers tend to replace the app drawer and the home screen of your phone. The best thing is that you can give your device any look you want and customize it to your own satisfaction. Among the best launchers, we have Action and Nova Launcher. However, a launcher is in no way a substitute for the new update, but it still can add some colors to your Android Phone.

Looking for More Storage

Out of storage is among the most common issues that make us think in terms of getting a new phone. What we fail to understand is that the new phone is also going to run out of memory in no time. So, instead of reaching out for a new Android Phone, we suggest you try out the tips below. These tips will help you get back some memory and are the best ways to make your phone faster.

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External Storage

If your Android Phone offers the option of external storage, it is hardly unlikely that you Upgrade Your Android in order to get more storage. Simply insert a bigger storage card and shift all your data onto the card. This will keep the internal memory of your phone clean, thus ensuring a smooth running of your phone.

Adoptable Storage

If you have MicroSD card slot option and having Android 6.0 or later on your phone, you just need to use the Adoptable Storage option. This option enables your smartphone to use the card as an extension of the internal storage space. You won’t have to bother yourself with moving files from internal storage to external one as everything will be done automatically.

To enable this option go to Settings, from there to Storage. Once there you need to select Storage Setting and look for the Format as an internal Storage option.

NOTE: Doing this for the first time will wipe your card, so it is imperative that you create a backup first.

The Cloud

Another option is the cloud storage. You can shift everything on the Cloud and enjoy a free and faster Android Phone. You can upload photos, music and anything else that you like to Google Drive. For different data, Google has different cloud storage. For instance, for pictures, it is Google Photos, for music Google Play music etc.

Android Phone is Slowing down

With time the performance of your phone tends to slow down, not because you have too much data, but the hardware is giving away. There are certain things that you can do to prevent the slowing down of your phone.

  1. Apps claiming speed along with most task managers do not work. Don’t waste your phone on them.
  2. Reset your phone to get back the speed of your phone. However, make a backup of your phone first and then go to Settings, backup and tap on reset option.

Looking for Better Android Phone Camera

Upgrade Your old Android Phone to latest OS, might get you a better camera. Software are famous for determining the quality of your camera. It is said that Google’s Pixels smartphones have the best software when it comes to cameras.

Battery Life of your Android Phone is Giving away

This could be one of the bigThe battery of your phone starts to give away after a year or so of your purchase. Mainly, because the guarantee is only for 300-500 charging cycles. To prevent quick drainage of the battery, try letting go of battery drainage apps. Do not overcharge your phone and keep the display brightness under control.

If the battery is the only issue with your Android Phone, buying a new one is not an option. Most smartphones come with the option of battery replacement.

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