This article is for all the users of Sony Xperia Z. And the great news is that by the time you do exactly what the instructions say below in this tutorial, your Sony Xperia Z will have all the features of Sony Xperia Z5. Yes! You read that right. We exclusively bring you the Android 7.1.2 XOSP N Nougat Custom Firmware ROM tutorial for Sony Xperia Z smartphone

This XOSP N ROM is the latest unofficial update which is an open source project. The latest ROM converts your Xperia Z into Xperia Z5. It comes with all the apps, camera and other features of Sony Xperia Z. The ROM is almost the latest version of Sony Xperia Z, which was released good few years ago. it makes the Xperia Z a lot more faster and smoother, and gives it the latest look with all its new Xperia Z5 wallpapers and themes. It also comes with Sony’s exclusive apps like Music, Album, Videos and the latest Camera app 2.0 It also comes with one of the finest OEM Android UI, which is a pretty cool feature to have in an older smartphone. 

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Feature for Android 7.1.2 XOSP N Nougat Custom Firmware ROM:

  • Based on CM 14.1
  • Removed many unnecessary apps and stuff as well as CM ones
  • StatusBar Clock font style
  • StatusBar Clock font size
  • Added StatusBar Date & style options
  • Added option for date style/position, left-right of clock
  • Xperia Z5 inspired LockScreen style
  • Xperia Fonts
  • Xperia Battery Text prototype
  • Time Contextual Headers
  • XOSP N Universal dialog for Shutdown/Reboot and Dexopting Process
  • Stock Kernel
  • Snap Camera
  • ViPER Audio Engine
  • Theme Chooser
  • Xperia based Bootanimation
  • Custom Framework and SystemUI Xperia drawables
  • XOSP NFileManager
  • Xperia Z5 sounds
  • Xperia X Wallpapers
  • XOSP NSetupWizard
  • Custom Materialized
  • Stock Browser is custom themed
  • Contacts is custom themed (Much more Xperia Style)
  • Dialer is custom themed (Much more Xperia Style)
  • Status bar logo
  • Navigation Bar ON/OFF
  • NavBar dimensions
  • SlimDim
  • HW Keys ON/OFF
  • SlimSeek Bar
  • Status bar Network Traffic indicator
  • RAM Bar in recents options
  • Toast Animations
  • Long Press back to kill in Development Settings
  • Ability to hide the Super SU status bar icon
  • Dashboard Columns
  • Dashboard double lines toggle
  • Double Tap to sleep anywhere 
  • And many more.

Let’s get you started with installing the latest Android 7.1.2 XOSP N Nougat Custom Firmware ROM on you Sony Xperia Z. There are few pre-requisites you will need to keep in mind before you start the installation.

Pre-requisites to install Android 7.1.2 XOSP N Nougat Custom Firmware ROM:

  • 1- First off all you will have to fully backup you deceive
  • 2- Download Sony Xperia Z USB drivers.
  • 3- Enable USB Debugging mode to help connecting your tablet to your computer. 
  • 4- Make sure you battery is charged up to at least 85-90 percent.
  • 5- Your tablet should have ClockwrokMod recovery installed.

Essential Downloads:

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How to Update Xperia Z to Android 7.1.2 XOSP N Nougat Custom Firmware ROM:

Step 1- Download both files mentioned in essential downloads on to your personal computer.

Step 2- Connect your Sony Z with your personal computer using a USB cable. 

Step 3- Copy the files you downloaded in step 1 on to your device’s SD card root. Remember not to save it in any folder of your device. It has to be saved in the SD card of your device.

Step 4- Disconnect the USB cable from your personal computer and turn your device off.

Step 5- Turn your Sony Z device on, pressing the power & volume up and down keys altogether. This will enable the device’s Bootloader mode. Click the bootloader option. 

Step 6- Once you in Bootloader mode, look for recovery option and click on it. This click will take you in ClockworkMod recovery. 

Step 7- Tap “wipe data/factory reset” from the options showing on your Sony Z screen by clicking the power button.

Step 8- Next Tap on “wipe cache partition”.

Step 9- You might as well do a dalvik wipe cache by tapping on Advance Menu and then selecting “Wipe Dalvik Cache” to save yourself from tiny errors or bootloops.

Step 10- Head back into recovery mode and select option  “install zip from SD card” by tapping on it, use your volume keys to navigate the file to the downloaded zip file of Android 7.1.2 ROM zip file you copied on your device’s SD card and start the installation process by selecting it. 

Step 11- Repeat the same step to install the GAPPS. 

Step 12- Head back to “+++++Go Back+++++” option, tap on it and then select “reboot system now” option by tapping on it to reboot your Sony Z device. 

It may take few minutes to reboot and when your phone turns back on your will have theAndroid 7.1.2 XOSP N Nougat Custom Firmware ROM installed on your Sony Xperia Z. 

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