We have a great news in store for all the Sony Xperia Z5 users. There is a new unofficial third party ROM, which will give you Z5 device the look of a brand new look of Google Pixel mobiles with the last Android Nougat operating system. Android 7.0 HaoZeke is a custom firmware suitable for Sony Xperia Z5 devices. The ROM is fast and yet very light and helps saving the battery. 

It could be very tricky for new users and even some of the users who update their phones regularly to install the ROM on to their devices so we have brought you an exclusive detailed tutorial along with some precautions before you install the Android 7.0 HaoZeke on to your Xperia Z5. So let’s get you straight in to some of the prerequisites before we head towards the installation process. 

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  • 1- Make sure you fully backup your data on your . As this update will wipe all your data from your device.
  • 2- Download Sony USB Drivers.
  • 3- Make sure you device has a custom recovery installed. 
  • 4- Your device’s bootloader has to be unlocked. 
  • 5- Dalvik Cache wipe is helpful for performing from the recovery mode. 
  • 6- You also have to have ADB and Fastboot downloaded on your personal computer. 

How to update Xperia Z5 with Android 7.0 HaoZeke Nougat Custom Firmware:

Step 1- First of all download the HaoZeke Nougat Custom Firmware on to your personal computer. 

Step 2- Extract zipped ROM file titled boot.img and save it separate on your person computer. 

Step 3- Connect your device with your personal computer using a USB cable.

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Step 4- Copy paste both the files you downloaded in first step onto your device’s SD card and not in any of your device’s folder.

Step 5- Copy the file you extracted in 2nd step titled boot.img and past it into directory of android-sdk-windows\platform-tools.

Step 6-Turn your mobile off.

Step 7- Next press and hold onto the Volume up button for enabling Bootloader mode which will turn your phone screen blue when enabled.

Step 8- Locate the directory of android-sdk-windows\platform-tools in your desktop and press Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt in which you should type ‘fastboot flash boot boot.img’ and press Enter.

Step 9- Next type this command and press Enter again. ‘fastboot reboot’.

Step 10- Lastly you should long press the Volume up/down key until the phone’s screen turns a color other than blue for entering into Recovery mode. 

Step 11: Once in the Recovery mode, tap “wipe” button to erase all data from your device, then go down and tap “swipe to the factory reset” option.

Step 12: To flash the ROM, you have to head back to the main menu, tap on install option and then search for the ROM zip file that you have copied to your phone’s memory in step 2. Select it, tap on the confirmation button to proceed on with the installation process.

Step 13:  Tap on “reboot system now” button to reboot your device. 

That’s about it. You have downloaded Android 7.0 HaoZeke Nougat Custom Firmware onto your Xperia Z5 device. 

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