Tech giant Samsung has finally updated the XXU1AQI4 Android 7.1.1 Nougat to its Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950F variant smartphones. We bring you the exclusive step by step guide on how you can update Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950F varaint only with the latest and officially released XXU1AQI4 Android 7.1.1 Nougat firmware. The update comes with August security patch. One of the main feature of this update is that it fixes the bug which was making problems with charging of the device and latest security patch updates are added in the update. 

The update was a much needed one and has come with some major changes including some main improvement and upgrades, apart from converting it to Nougat from Marshmallow operating system. It also comes with a latest user interface(UI). We bring you the exclusive step by step guide on how you can update Samsung Galaxy Not 8 with the latest official XXU1AQI4 Android 7.1.1 Nougat firmware.

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We are going to update Samsung Galaxy Note 8 manually in this tutorial which will update your device straight away and you should be able to use to the latest installed Nougat firmware in no time. 

Before we begin let us give you a brief intro about the firmware you are going to update on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

XXU1AQI4 Android 7.1.1 Firmware Details:

Version:          Android 7.1.1
Changelist:    12007350
Build date :    Fri, 08 Sep 2017 07:50:23 +0000
Security Patch Level:   2017-08-01
Product code: UFU
PDA:               N950FXXU1AQI4
CSC:                N950FOWT1AQI4


1- Download Samsung USB drivers.

2- Don’t forget to backup your data as you might loose all your data and media files during this update. 

3- You can also enable USB Debugging mode to be on the save side.

4- Make sure your device battery is more than 85 percent.

5- This is an official update from Samsung for its Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950F only. No other device can be tried to updated with this tutorial.

Essential Downloads:

 Download Android 7.1.1 N950FXXU1AQI4

Odin 3.12.5 

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How to install Official XXU1AQI4 Android 7.1.1 Nougat firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950F.

Step 1- To start things off, download the official XXU1AQI4 Android 7.1.1 Nougat file (link given above in essential downloads) on to your personal computer.

Step 2- Extract that downloaded file as zip.file. 

Step 3- Download Odin(link given above in essential downloaded)

Step 4- Next you need to turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 off, press volume down key and home button and power button together until your see a warning sign on your Note 8 screen, press volume up when you see warning sign and it will take your device into the download mode. 

Step 5-  Open the downloaded Odin file on your personal computer. 

Step 6- Connect your Note 8 device with your personal computer with the help of a USB cable.

Step 7- After you connect your device with your personal computer, the ID:COM box will turn into yellow color, we suggest you to wait as this process might take few minutes. 

Step 8- Now open the extract file of Android 7.1.1 build XXU1AQI4 you made in second step, clock on the files you need to install on your device. “AP”, “CP”, “CSC”, “PIT”, “BL” are such files you will find in the downloaded extract file. if you can’t see some of any of these files, then ignore this step and carry on to the next. 

Step 9- Head back into Odin, and tap F Reset Time option and Auto Reboot option. Don’t forget to uncheck the Re-Partition option. 

Step 10- To start installation process tap on start button in Odin. 

Step 11- Once the installation completes, your device will restart itself. Unplug your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from computer when you see your mobile screen turning on. 

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