The latest official firmware update B200 Android Nougat has been rolled out recently for the users of Huawei Mate 9 Pro LON-L29. If you are interested in upgrading your smartphone to Android Nougat 7.0 OS then you are in for a treat because we have a compact guide for you to follow for upgrading your device manually. Since Huawei has released the update through Over-the-Air (OTA) that automatically implies that the update won’t be available in all the parts of the world.

The update has many bug fixes and battery optimization along with features like Multitasking, Vulcan API, Split screen and whatnot. All you need to make sure before you proceed with the updating process is that stock unrooted firmware must be installed on your Huawei Mate 9 Pro LON-L29.

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Required Downloads:

(i) Download Full Update Mate 9  Pro

(ii) Download

How to update Huawei Mate 9 Pro LON-L29 to official firmware update B200 Android Nougat:

1- First of all you ought to download the file mentioned above and then make a folder in the root of your smartphone’s internal storage and name it ‘dload’.

2- Now the file that you have downloaded in the first step ‘’, move it to the folder named ‘dload’.

3- Go to the Settings >> Update >> press the Menu Key >> Local update.

4- You will see the file there and all you have to do is tap on it and commence the upgrade.

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5- As soon as the updating process is completed your device shall reboot itself but this might take a while.


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