To use a smartphone to its full potential, you need to root it. Honor 7X is a great phone and therefore, we are going to teach you regarding how you can Unlock Bootloader and Root Huawei Honor 7X. Once you unlock the bootloader and root your phone, you will be amazed by what all you can do with it. You can make system-level changes, flash custom ROMS and much more.

If you are new to the rooting and bootloader unlocking, you need to understand a couple of things. First, to flash a custom recovery, it is imperative for you to unlock the bootloader of the phone. Once you do that only then you can root a custom ROM and have a great time. In this article, we will be focusing on how to Unlock Bootloader and Root Huawei Honor 7X. Honor 7X is a great phone and you will not find a better phone than this. The phone has a lot to offer, but once you unlock it the possibilities become endless.

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NOTE: Make a backup of your data and so unlocking the bootloader requires you to wipe clean your phone.

Get Unlock Code to Unlock Bootloader and Root Huawei Honor 7X:

To get the unlock code follow the steps below.

  1. You need to head to the website and create an account there.
  2. Now go to the download section and click on Unlock Bootloader option.
  3. You will have to fill in the form with Model Number, Product Coe, IMEI and S/N.
  4. After this, you will see the unlock code at the bottom of the same page.

OEM Unlock and USB Debugging Mode

Now it is time for you to unlock OEM and the USB Debugging Mode of your phone.

  • On your phone, you need to go to the Settings app.
  • From there tap on About option.
  • Look for the Build Number and tap on it for about 7 times.
  • Now go to Developers option.
  • Search the Enable OEM Unlock option and finally tap on USB Debugging Mode.

Unlock Bootloader and Root Huawei Honor 7X Using the ADB:

  1. First, you need to install ADB and then follow the steps below.
  2. Connect your Honor 7X to your Personal Computer using a USB Cable.
  3. Now launch the command prompt and type ‘adb reboot bootloader’ and press Enter.
  4. Your phone will enter the bootloader mode, once there, type ‘fastboot oem unlock [unlock code]’
  5. Follow the instructions that you see on the screen.
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Unlock Bootloader and Root Huawei Honor 7X: Rooting your Phone

Unlock Bootloader and Root Huawei Honor 7X Rooting requires a lot of attention. We are done with the unlocking bootloader part, now we will focus on the rooting part of the tutorial.

  1. Download SuperSu and TWPR.
  2. After downloading, place the SuperSu file on the SDcard of your Honor 7X
  3. Place the TWRP file in the adb folder located on your PC.
  4. Flashing using the ADB Method
  5. You first need to turn on the USB debugging mode on your phone.
  6. Then connect your Honor 7X with your computer using a USB cable.
  7. Once that is done, type the command ‘adb reboot bootloader and press Enter.
  8. Your phone will enter the Bootloader mode, now type ‘fastboot flash recovery twrp_Honor_7x.img’
  9. Wait for the process to finish, after that type “fastboot reboot”
  10. When your phone reboots, you need to unplug your phone and turn it off.
  11. To launch TWRP press and hold the Volume up button along with the Power button.
  12. To allow modification you will have to swipe.
  13. Tap on Install and select the SuperSu file.
  14. Flash the file and perform wipe Dalvik Cache
  15. Finally, reboot your phone.

That is all! You have successfully finished Honor 7X Rooting and Bootloader Unlocking. To verify everything install a root checker app on your phone. The app will confirm if the rooting was successful or not. Both Kirin Developers and XDA are working hard to get some custom ROMs going for the community. To fast-track the development of Honor 7x, Honor has released a kernel source. This is all for now, to remain up to date visit our website periodically.

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