Scree overlay is a feature in Samsung devices where some apps can overlay some of their features onto other apps in your phone. The apps mostly need your permission to do and at times the opposite situation occurs where you are asked to turn off the screen overlay because some apps can’t work properly.

For security reasons as well the apps need allowance from the user before they can overlay buttons or bubbles on other apps because otherwise it might lead to an unpleasant situation where you end up clicking or buying or signing up for something you never intended to. 

There is no black and white fix for this issue and as most of the users do not see this screen overlay error, but there is internal setting for this and you can easily turn on or off the toggle to enable or disable the screen overlay. Not all the apps use this feature but whichever use this, they do it for your convenience but at times we are not in mood of extra comfort so it is advisable to keep this feature disabled so that all the apps can work and operate in harmony unless asked by the user otherwise for some apps need screen overlay for some of their features to be functional.

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Sadly, when in the process of enabling/disabling screen overlay, you might have to spend good bit of time in playing the guess game that which particular app is causing the problem and for that app you have to have the screen overlay option disabled. So you will have to toggle off different apps and then get back to the main app you are trying to operate and see if it’s done or not. In case of turning on the screen overlay for a particular app is a piece of cake because you already have knowledge of that app.

How to turn on/off the screen overlay option in Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

1 Go to Settings from your device’s home screen and scroll down to Apps and tap on it.

2 Now you have to tap on the overflow menu button on the top right corner of the screen and tap on ‘Special access’.

3 Next you have to tap on the option ‘Apps that can appear on top’ and locate the problem maker app and toggle it off unless you are trying to enable the screen overlay for an app.

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