Everyone to his own and this is the logic OnePlus 5 understood brilliantly and gave the users the option of setting their device theme either to dark or light mode. Yes, now you can have a consistent theme across your smartphone just the way you wanted. Many people opt for one type of theme and do not like the default user interface that comes with the device because it is not consistent in all honesty. Turning the light or dark mode on or off is almost a piece of cake and this is how you can do that and enjoy your favourite mode on the device.

How to turn the dark/light mode turn off/on in OnePlus 5:

Step 1- First of all you will have to go to Settings.

Step 2- Next go to the ‘Device’ menu and tap on ‘Display’.

Step 3- There you have to go to ‘System’ menu and tap on ‘Theme’.

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Step 4- The theme will be set to ‘Default’ but you can change it to either dark or light as you desire and the colours of the toggles on your Settings and system tray will change too making the whole theme of the smartphone one beautiful harmonious painting.

You can use the dark or light mode in your theme as you desire and are able to change it from one to the other at your discretion.


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