If you are an iPhone user and you are fond of taking a lot of pictures of others and of yourself; selfies, then you would probably know the pain of running out of space in your iPhone. The best way to save your pictures is either iCloud or Google photos library but that also is not as secure as having them saved in an external hard disk drive. If you lose your iPhone, you lose your data nonetheless. So it is always a wise thing to save your media in an external HDD. And it goes without saying that the bigger the size of the HDD the better.

You will have to follow these simple steps for transferring your images from iPhone to the external HDD and you will be left with a lot of space to fill with more pictures and selfies.

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How to transfer your pictures from iPhone to an external HDD:

Step 1- First of all you are supposed to connect the external hard disk drive with your Mac and it shall appear in the Finder’s sidebar.

Step 2- Next you have to connect your iPhone with Mac and you must have gotten a Lightning connector with your smartphone at the time of purchase. You will have to use the USB lightning connector for making a connection between your Mac and the iDevice (iPhone/iPad).

Step 3- You have to open ‘Image capture’ on Mac by searching for it on Spotlight search and as soon as you open it you have to locate your iDevice on the left sidebar of the screen and click on it. The pictures in your iDevice will appear and you will be able to select the images you want to transfer to the external HDD by either selecting all the photos or choosing them individually.

Step 4- For the importation of the pictures you will have to choose the destination by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting ‘Other’ as the location. Then you have to select the folder in your external HDD as the source where you want to move your images.

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Step 5- Lastly you are required to click on the ‘Import’ button and the transfer of the photos shall begin.


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