If you are looking for a complete package, we suggest that you get your hands on the Essential Phone. The phone has a strong titanium build with a glossy ceramic back. The design is similar to Xiaomi Mi Mix, we can say that it is basically an evolution of that design. Essential phone basically has a boxy design with flat sides making it easy to handle.


Unlike the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the front camera is no longer located at the bottom chin of the phone. Essential has taken an entirely different approach and because of that, the screen stands out. The screen has a 19:10 aspect with a Quad HD resolution. The additional quirks make it really eye catching.

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Besides the little chin present at the bottom of the screen, the rest of the phone is complete screen. According to the Andy Rubin, the 85 percent screen to body ratio is currently the highest on a smartphone and this is exactly what Essential phone gives you. Another interesting feature of the phone is the little contour located at the top of the screen which has the front facing camera. Since there is a little bit of the dip into the notification area, thus it lets the phone stand out among its competitors.


The display is not the only outstanding part of the phone, both its camera i.e. the front and the rear are amazing. Essential phone comes with a rear dual camera that aims to offer the best flagship experience ever. The camera is a combination of Monochrome sensor and RGB sensor. This takes the picture capturing experience to a whole new level.

The monochrome sensors add details to the shots along with a lot of sharpness in every area of the picture. The 13MP monochrome sensor lets you take some amazing black and white pictures, unlike other smartphones that add a black and white filter.


If you want to use the wireless accessories such as the 360 cameras you will have to use the default camera app and not any third-party app. There are two connector pins located right next to the camera of your Essential Phone, these pins will allow your phone to get connected to the wireless accessories.

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We have tested the connector accessory and they seem to work pretty well. These connectors tend to support data transfer and they also communicate directly with your Essential phone. We suggest you simply take the smallest 4K 360 camera that fits in your pocket connect it to your Essential phone and take as many pictures as you like.


Essential phone is going to make something out of the box. The influence of Andy Rubin’s Knowledge regarding smartphone and his time in Google has made him the best catch when it comes to the smartphone industry. According to Rubin, Essential phone is a smartphone that has the ability to give users the experience that once they buy a phone it will always be their phone. This is one reason that there is no branding on the phone. Also, the hardware and the software is equally good as the upcoming flagship devices are going to have.

Essential Phone software is designed keeping the consumers in mind, it will provide you a pure Android Experience. Its snappy experience has the ability to challenge other devices. The phone is a perfect alternative for anyone who is in search of a viable replacement of Google own devices. The phone offers smooth experience, regular updates and it is bound to get better with time.

With so many Android Phones hitting the market, it is interesting to find something different and unique. The phone is an excellent alternative for Nexuses and Pixels. The phone also redefines what essential features are too general users. All and all the phone is an excellent smartphone to have in your pocket.

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