Smartphones may have become the center of our lives, we tend to rely on them a lot. But with these phones, we have also become acquainted with “low battery” problem. We know how irritating it is when you are running on low battery, but you need not worry. In the course of this article, we are going to tell you about top 10 tips for saving the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Using the Power Saving Mode

NNowadays ever smartphone comes with a power saving mode, that helps you save the precious battery in the hour of need. Many might think it to be useless, but I for once am I fan of Samsung Power saving mode. You can take my word on it, it is effective.  The power saving mode reduces the screen timeout, turns off the touch key light, disable the haptic feedback, reduces the frame rate and decreases the screen brightness. This does not mean you will have hours of battery life now, it does make some difference.

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Ultra-Power Saving

Phones have power-saving mode, but Samsung has introduced an Ultra-power saving mode. According to the test results, Samsung running in an ultra-power saving mode can go on for 7 days without recharging. This might seem existing, but there is a catch. Enabling this option, means you are converting your smartphone to good old Nokia mobile phone. The screen will turn grey, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will be turned off. Your data connection will be disconnected when the screen goes off. Your apps will be locked away somewhere safe etc. So, use this mode only when you can’t charge your phone for a couple of days.

Reduce Screen brightness

We understand that you love to watch videos or movies on your Note 5’s 5.7 inch QHD screen with full brightness. But the problem is that a bright screen is among the biggest resource hog, it is bound to drain your phone’s battery quicker than you thought. So, to save battery, it is imperative that you turn reduce your screen’s brightness. It will save you a lot of energy and you can enjoy your phone for longer period without charging. Plus, if you are not spending too much time outside, you are just overdoing the brightness in the first place.

Short Screen Timeout

Not everyone of us tend to turn off the screen, once we are done using the phone. A shorter screen timeout is the perfect solution for these people especially when they plan to save some battery life. You can do this, by going to Setting>Display>Screen timeout and tap on the shorted time period.

Abnormal battery Usage

You can find if any particular app is abnormally consuming the battery life. To do so, you need to go to setting, battery section and the abnormal battery usage option. Once you locate the app, simply uninstall or force close it so that you can save the battery life of your phone.

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The reason behind Samsung Note 5’s vibrant and bright screen is the Super AMOLED technology. The screen does seem brighter, but then it consumes more energy in order to produce lighter colors whereas the color black pixels won’t use much energy as they are turned off. So, keep a blackish background will have a little difference.

Turn unnecessary connectivity

The antennas of Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS location services are always working in the background, resulting in waste of energy. So, we highly recommend that you turn of these connectivity’s when you are not using them especially when they can be turned on with just a single tab.

Disable or Remove unused apps

There are a number of apps that run in the background and you might not be using most of these apps. Therefore, we suggest that you remove them. In case you are unable to do that, you should disable them so that they do not consume away the battery life of your phone.

Turn off fancy Samsung Features

Samsung phones are known for their overbearing software. If you are among those people who don’t like to use the extra gimmicks such as briefing, gestures, smart stay, you simply should turn them off.  This will save you the unwanted hassle as well as some extra battery life.

Use Charging Capabilities

It is pretty obvious that to keep your phone alive, you would have to charge it regularly. The good news is that Samsung has introduced fast charging, your phone can be charged form 0-50 percent in just half an hour. Also, make use of the Wireless chargers. These charges are the best way to charge your phone as you can charge it with caring about the physical location of either the charger of the phone.

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