It is not always that you want to see a clutter of system icons on your status bar and OnePlus 5 has devised a system where you can get rid of these icons. At times you have loads of notifications in your system tray which gives way to icons popping up on your status bar and before OnePlus 5 it wasn’t possible to manage the icons to your accord. But with this latest flagship you can do as you like with the icons by following this simple guide detailed below.

How to toggle off/on the icons in status bar in OnePlus 5:

Step 1- First of all you will have to go to Settings.

Step 2- In the ‘Customization’ section you will go to ‘Status Bar’.

Step 3- There you will see various settings for Status bar but you have to go to ‘Icon Manager’.

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Step 4- Tapping the ‘Icon Manager’ will take you to an array of apps where you can toggle them off or on at your discretion.

The apps can be toggled off or on as you need them and that is the best part where you can manage them as you need them and you do not to see the apps constantly on your status bar.


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