We exclusively bring you Fortnite BR week 10 challenges guide to help you to survive in this action packed talk of the town game. We won’t be wasting out time with any talks and will be heading straight into our tutorial. So let’s get started.

Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges

Below is the step by step guide of surviving and winning the latest Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges.

Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges: Search chests in fatal fields:

So , this is the first challenge of the week and it’s not that hard because there are plenty of chests in that area. You can find as many as 15 chests over there but you only need 7 to complete the mission. The most common places where the chests are going to spawn is : 2 chests in the story house , 1 in the big barn just next to the house, 1 in the small barn beside the trees, 1 chest inside the iron conduct and 2 chests in the long stable.

Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges: Deal headshot damage to opponents:

This one is an easy one, you just need to shot your opponents in the head. You only need to do 250 damage to your opponents head to complete the mission.

Tips: To do it faster try shooting with the pump shotgun or the sniper rifle, both do more than 250 damage.

Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges: Search a chest in different named locations:

For this mission you need to search 12 chests in different locations to complete. It is counted only one chest per locations so you need to visit and find a chest in 12 different places.

Good luck !

Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges: Skydive through floating rings

You can see the floating rings all over the map, I think that they are as many as 20 to 30 but you only need to fly through 10 rings to complete this challenge. You can probably fly through 2 per game because there are 2 types of rings: first ones are pink witch are on a higher ground and then you have the blue ones that are on a lower ground. You can do more than 2 by using jumps pads to reach the rings.

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Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges: Search between a stone circle, wooden bridge and a red RV:

This 3 things are located just between the Tomato Town and the Wailing Woods. The place where the secret treasure is just where the Tomato Town ends and the Wailing Woods begin . When you’re going from Tomato to Wailing and you see the wooden bridge just go right and you got to see a piece of rock and a long log. That is where you got to find the treasure.

Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges: Eliminate opponents:

For this one you just need to kill 10 enemies to complete the quest. You don’t need to kill 10 enemies in a game to do the mission, just to kill 10 enemies through playing the game, so do not rush.

Fortnite BR week 10 Challenges Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park:

The last mission of this week is to go to Pleasant Park and to eliminate only 3 opponents.

P.S: After finishing 4 missions you will receive 4k experience.

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