Samsung and Apple have been rivals for many a year now and to be fair, the rivalry is still going strong between the two. 2012 was the year when Samsung had hit the Apple market with a boom and then never stopped. That is a thing of the past though, as today we are going to discuss the latest advertisement launched by Samsung Galaxy Note 8, hilariously mocking the Apple fanatics.

iPhone has also mocked Android user not specifically Samsung smartphone to upgrade to iPhone. This Samsung ad portrays an iPhone user who has been a loyal customer of Apple for many years but keeps coming across issues like battery drainage, space shortage, no water resistance, small display screen and the like. Whereas Galaxy Note 8 brings a breath of fresh air with all its innovation, new design, large display and strong battery timing. 

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The ad also makes fun of the typical long queues that are an annual norm whenever a new iPhone hits the market and the as ridicules it brilliantly. But at last, the iPhone fanatic ‘upgrades to Galaxy’ and actually starts enjoying his life more and in a better way. The ad doesn’t depict the latest iPhone X or its features in the ad but may be this has been done deliberately and Samsung would come up with another ad sooner or later. But sooner would be a lot more effective. 

Here is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Ad mocking iPhone users on various issues.

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