Microsoft Outlook is an excellent app for sending and receiving emails. The technology giant works really hard on adding new and amazing features to outlook. Recently, they did it again. They have further updated the app in order to increase its appeal, make it more productive, easy to use and smart. In this article, we are going to shed some light on the new features of Microsoft Outlook.

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Features of Microsoft Outlook: Emailing has become effortless

Outlook makes it really easy for you to start connected, organized, productive at work, home or any other place you like. Emailing has become efficient, and organizing the emails has become even better. The new face of Microsoft allows you to schedule your next big thing without effort.

Everything in one Place

Outlook ensures feasibility and for that, it is brought everything in one place. You can now bring all your files, calendar events, emails and much more together. Thus, making it easy for you to plan anything within seconds and sharing its details with others even faster. You

Punctuality is the key feature

Outlook has made scheduling very simple and easy. You will be surprised to find that scheduling has become very effective and efficient. To ensure that your calendar is well organized, outlook supports iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail, and numerous other accounts.

Be productive

In order to be productive with technology, you need to use all the right tools. Outlook does understand this, thus they offer seamless integrations. You can easily deliver action cards in matters of seconds. To further make your life easy, outlook inbox automatically sort things for you. It will keep the important things in focus and leave other on sides.

There is a lot more than you can outlook tends to offer. We do suggest you have a look the new features of Microsoft Outlook.

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