PUBG Mobile game is the talk of the town. Everyone seems to love what the game has to offer. Some of you might be new to the game, whereas others have been playing since it first came out. Regardless, you experience with the game you might have come across the bots. Although, we do understand that initially, you might not be able to identify the bots. It is important to know how to remove bots from PUBG Mobile.

Many of you might have killed these bots, or might have gotten killed. Nonetheless, there are numerous bots present in the game and you have to be careful regarding them. How to remove bots from PUBG Mobile is a question that everyone is asking these days, and we are going to give you the answer.

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How to remove bots from PUBG Mobile

The steps to recognize and remove bots are below.

Step 1: You first need to learn how to identify bots. They are not going to come with a head sign “ I am a bot” however, they do have certain characteristics. If you see these characteristics, you can mark that as a bot instead of a real human player. Below are the qualities of a bot.

  1. Weapons: Rest assure, bots are not going to be carrying a lot of destructive weapons. They generally would have one single weapon.
  2. Awareness: The bots come with a sixth sense, it means that the moment you are within the line of sight, they will become aware of you.
  3. Behavior and loot: To be honest, bots aren’t that smart. So, next when you come across a player with one weapon and it is trying to shoot you unsuccessfully. There is a high possibility that it is a bot. Also, bots don’t act smart, you can make that out of their stupid behavior.

Step 2: if you are searching for a way to completely eradicate the bots, you are in for bad news. There is no way to entirely remove the bots from the game. The only best possible way to reduce their number is to level up. Once you are out of the Bronze bracket, you will notice a visible decrease in bots number. You won’t be encountering them much often. Lastly, do notice that they tend to appear the most in the early-mid part of the game.

We hope this was helpful. PUBG Mobile comes with bots and there is no way to completely remove them, however, you can lessen their numbers. If you ask us, we believe it to be equally good. The less the stupid bots, the better it would be. You won’t have to waste a lot of time-fighting and killing them.

Also, with little practice, observation, and above tips you will be able to recognize the bots. So, you either stay clear of them or enter their virtual world in order to gather their loots. That is all about how to remove bots from PUBG Mobile.

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