Camera is one of the main attractions in a smartphone and many users tend to pay special attention on the camera specs while rummaging through an array of smartphone brands while deciding to buy a new device. Although many people do not get satisfied with their camera results not because of the fault in their smartphone camera but because they do not have sufficient technique to take good pictures. We have, thus, compiled a list of 5 handy and workable smartphone photo tips that you can use while taking a picture either of a party or a sunrise or a casual subject at hand to take better photos with Android Smartphone.

Let’s have a quick look at how to take better photos with Android smartphone and apply them in your daily life or special occasions where you need to show better Android photography.

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Number 01- Choosing the most apt resolution to take better photos with Android:

The foremost smartphone photo tip any sane person will give you is to set your smartphone camera’s resolution to the maximum. Mostly the factory settings cater to lower resolution of the camera making pictures look unrealistic and not very eye catching. Many smartphones will give you the largest possible photo with 16:9 format whereas others may be opposite and 4:3 format would give you the maximum sizeof the picture. So it really depends on the smartphone brand you are using and therefore you will have to take pictures and then check the resolution format of your smartphone camera and change it to your accord. for better Android photography.

Number 02- Taking multiple shots at once:

It might seem a little over whelming when you start clicking the camera without pause but it always brings greater good to your pictures. This is a very important tip for better smartphone photos because there are always moments which you want to make memorable and freeze them forever in a particular way but this is no news that upon clicking the camera and taking a look at the picture later would throw you in a tantrum for the picture would be either blurry or wrongly focused. Thus, it is always better to take multiple shots and choose the best one later on after tight scrutiny.

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Number 03- Working with both hands to take better photos with Android:

Taking a snapshot in a hurry or to capture a movement or moment in a split second single-handedly can be forgiven because the sudden rush of urgency and adrenaline can not be monitored. On the other hand, nonetheless, when you actually plan and decide to take a picture of a subject, event, occasion, it is a neat trick to always, always use both hands. A tripod which comes with a handler for the smartphone is the best option here, if not one can extend the arms to full extent while taking the photo using both hands to grip the smartphone. One hand use is never justified for taking a clear, focused photo from a smartphone camera because the shakiness in the photo is inevitable. This is a great tip for better Android photos.

Number 04- Avoiding unnecessary use of flash to take better photos with Android:

People often mistake using the flash function in the smartphone camera for better photos but it is really not the case at all. Flash has to be used while taking a picture when you are in dire need of correct or enough lighting to make things work. The worst part of using flash unnecessarily while taking photos from your smartphone is that t messes with the colours and making the picture awkwardly unreal because of the uniformity in lighting. The other bad aspect of wrongly used flash in a picture is that all the illumination happens in the foreground whereas the background goes completely in darkness which is never a desired result. So, for better smartphone photos, instead of taking support from a flash for taking a picture, it is better to utilise natural lighting as it brings the hues more vibrantly in the photo and creates a natural balance.

Number 05- Wiping the lens of the smartphone camera to take better photos with Android:

Taking better photos with Android smartphone camera also brings in one more, if not the last, tip which is to keep the lens clean or at least wipe it when you are about to take a picture. Most of the people keep their devices in the pockets, purses, jeans and wherever they can find hollow space in their nearest vicinity therefore letting the camera lens accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Microfibre cloths can be bought from opticians or the market and should be used for wiping the lens whenever needed.

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