Along with a new mobile, apart from the fact how big the company is, come the little errors and issues of it. So they did with Samsung S8 and S8 plus. There have been numerous issues and fixes for S8 & S8 plus, most of them were solved by our hard working and industrious team AndroidiOSPack. Including How to turn on/off the screen overlay option in Samsung Galaxy S8/Plus which is one of the most recent fix we did and also How to enable Edge Panel in Samsung Galaxy S8/Plus also includes one of the most recent ones. 

On the other hand there are several features that can be utilized properly if you exactly know what to do and how to do that. Speeding up your Samsung S8 with help of a simple few steps internal hack is also one of them which most of people don’t know about. It’s more of a hidden feature of which not many people would know of, so we are bringing you a quick and small tutorial on how to speed up your Samsung S8. 

So lets get you started. 

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How to fasten up Samsung Galaxy S7 with an internal hack:

1 First of all go to Settings >> About device and scroll down to ‘Build number’ and tap on it five times. ‘Developer mode has been enabled’ notification shall appear.

2 Now go to Developer options in Settings and scroll down to the ‘Drawing’ section.

3 Here you have to change the scale of Animator duration scale, Window animation scale and Transition animation scale.

4 You would have to reduce the scale of each of the above mentioned options individually and set it at 0.5x whereas the default setting is 1.0x. You also can turn the animations off altogether.

That’s it. You will feel you Samsung S8 device quicker and faster to use. 

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