To remain healthy, one needs to look after their health. Since technology has prevailed almost every aspect of life, then why should this be left out. Today we have fitness trackers that let us keep track of our heart rate, sleep quality, the number of calories burned and many other diseases. Owning one of these Fitbit devices can really make it easy for you to keep a track of your health. Whoever owned a Fitbit device, might have come across one or the other problems that we have listed below.

Like any other device many FitBit users from all around the World are having plenty of problems with their FitBit trackers. In this tutorial we are going to explain and try to fix very common issue FitBit users are facing, which is Syncing Issue with the FitBit tracker. Hope this tutorial will help you fixing the Syncing problem if you are facing it too on your tracker. 

So lets get you started.

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Notification Issues:

Another problem that people often face with their Fitbit device is that they are unable to receive notification from their Android devices. If you are facing this problem, you either need to restart the app or fiddle with the Bluetooth settings.


Since you already know that Fitbit connects to Android-using Bluetooth, therefore, it is important that you stay within 20 feet of your smartphone. As this will ensure a strong and reliable connection between both devices. The long distance between devices can also cause this problem.

Ensure that to only one Bluetooth device is connected to your phone when you are using Fitbit with it. There is a high possibility that you are facing this problem due to the connection of the other Bluetooth device.

Due to an unstable connection, there is are high chances that you receive delayed notification. To resolve this problem, go to your Fitbit App, from there select Account, then to Tracker, tap on Call and text notification and ensure if the Enable notification settings are enabled.

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Fitbit Surge users: you have to go to setting and ensure that the notification set is enabled.

Fitbit Blaze users: press and hold the button located at the top right, this will ensure that Notification set is enabled.

Your phone should not be in the Do Not Disturb mode.

Turn on and off your Bluetooth, go to setting, from there to Bluetooth and turn on or off the toggle.

First restart your app, if the problem still persists restart your mobile device.

If nothing works, we suggest you uninstall the Fitbit app and install it again.

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