Do you own a LG G6? If yes, do you want to change the carrier but are unable to? This is a dilemma many users come across because at the time of buying your new smartphone you are unaware of the fact that your preferences might change later in the year or even a month. LG G6 is an extremely popular and fully-equipped smartphone and can be SIM unlocked.

You can get your LG G6 by paying method to the respective carrier and the article is specifically for Metro PCS and T-Mobile carrier users who need to follow the particular instructions because these carriers’ method for SIM unlocking for LG G6 is a bit different from the rest of the carriers.

Both carriers have their own personalized SIM unlocking apps and many people won’t be bale to qualify or a free unlock based on many a criteria like the payments, installments, new smartphone purchase period etc. But the good news is that you can always use the carriers’ unlocking apps.

Some people are also of the view that the process for Metro PCS and T-Mobile is lengthy and complex but that is not true even in the slightest. The procedure is more or less for both of these carriers is similar to other carriers’ SIM unlocking procedure. The thing with Metro PCS and T-Mobile is that it takes longer for the request to go through thus making the tenure lengthy and the speed slower.

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Without further ado let’s have a look at the steps that LG G6 users would have to follow who in particular use Metro PCS or T-Mobile as their current carrier and want to switch to another one for whatever reason they have.

How to SIM unlock LG G6 from Metro PCS or T-Mobile:

Step 1- First of all you have to go to Android SIM Unlock and then respectively MetroPCS Device Unlock or T-Mobile Device Unlock.

Step 2- Type in your IMEI number and complete the process to check out.

Step 3- An unlock confirmation e-mail shall be received by you within one to three working days.

Step 4- You should, then, open the unlock device app according to the carrier you are using (Metro PCS or T-Mobile) and then press ‘Continue’ and lastly tap on ‘Permanent unlock’.

Step 5- This will initiate the unlock process and it might take a few minutes. Your LG G6 shall reboot as soon as the unlocking process is complete.

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