You need your Apple account for numerous purposes and for now the new use of your Apple id is to get enrolled for the iOS 11 Public beta. The official launch of iOS 11 is in the autumn season this year but you can install Public Beta easily.

You should not opt for using it on a daily basis because it is still in the developer beta and final launch phase. There is no way that a beta version could achieve such stability that a user could use it everyday. Hence the launch is still waiting for Fall.

This beta version is completely free of cost and all you need to do before getting started for the installation is to sign up for Public Beta version with your Apple account.

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This iOS 11 Public Beta is compatible with the devices that go as far as 6th generation iPod Touch, iPhone 5s and iPad 5. The only pre-requisite for the installation of iOS 11 Public Beta is that you should and must create a back up in case of a catastrophic event where things do not go as planned.

How to sign up for iOS 11 Public Beta programme:

Step 1- First of all you will have to go to and tap on the ‘Sign up’.

Step 2- When you will go on the next page you ought to use the same Apple id for signing in which you use for your iPhone.

Step 3- The last step will be to accept the terms and conditions (of course without reading) and you are all good.

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How to enroll your iDevice and Profile installation after signing up for PBP:

Step 1- Now on the Beta website you have to tap on the ‘iOS’ tab and then tap on the link of ‘enroll your iOS device’.

Step 2- Next you shall have to tap on ‘Download profile’ and as soon as the profile is downloaded simply tap on ‘Install’.

Step 3- You will be taken to the next page and again you would have to tap on ‘Install’. 

Step 4- You will have to select ‘Install’ and then ‘Reboot’ from the next pop-up menu. This will install your profile while your phone will be rebooting.

How to update iDevice software for installing Public Beta after the reboot:

Step 1- Here you shall go to Settings >> General >> Software update.

Step 2- On this page you will see iOS 11 Public Beta as your new update and all you are supposed to do now is to tap on ‘Download and install’ where you will be asked to type in your password and that’s it.

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