If you are prone to sharing your pictures, albums, videos and other media then Google Photos is the best platform for you where you can share your personal media with others. Not only that, the recent updated feature of this app calls for sharing of the whole library of pictures and videos. But that of course is at your discretion who you want to share it with and how many pictures and from which day till which day and whatnot.

With such a liberal specification in an app, security is a major concern and thus if you want to avail the latest feature of Google Photos and without losing your privacy (it’s oxymoronic nonethelss) follow our guide below for the best results. However, it is only common sense that sharing your whole library with someone calls for that someone to be very near and dear one like you first degree relatives or significant other.

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How to share your media library on Google Photos:

Step 1- Launch the Google Photos app on your smart device and go to the hamburger menu on the left-side.

Step 2- There tap on the ‘Share your library’ and select the name (s) of the person (s) you want to share your media library with.

Step 3- You will be given option between sharing All photos or Photos of specific people. In case you choose the second option, kindly follow the instructions that follow.

Step 4- You will be given option between sharing All photos or Only show photos since a specific day. In case you choose the second option, kindly choose that specific day.

Step 5- After making sure that you have all the details correctly, press ‘Send invitation’ and enter your device’s pattern, password or PIN.

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If the recipient accepts your invitation to your media library’s shared content, everything shall be available to the person for viewing and commenting and saving in their devices.


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