In this tutorial you will learn about setting up Google Assistant on your Windows. Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant and like Google it can engage in two-way conversations. Google Assistant is the Android/Samsung version of Apple/iPhone’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. It is a voice recognition software which reacts and answers to your voice. It was launched with Google Pixel mobiles last year and at first it was only for Google mobiles but just recently Google released and SDK for it’s Google Assistant. 

With Google Assistant SDK you will be able to download and run the Google Assistant on your computers. It works on Windows, Linux and even Max computer systems.

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1- First of all your will need to install Python for your specific computer systems.

2- You also need access to the Google Assistant API

How to access Google Assistant API:

Step 1- Go to Google cloud platform console and click on ‘Create Project’ naming the project as ‘My Google assistant’.

Step 2- You will be taken to your project’s configuration page automatically and now you will go to Google assistant API page clicking on Enable at the top of it.

Step 3- You will click on ‘Create credentials, in the top right corner,  for using the API. On the related page for the question ‘where will you be calling the API from?’ you ought to select ‘Other UI (e.g. Windows, CLI tool)’. And for the question ‘what data will you be accessing’ you shall select ‘User data’ option. Click on ‘what credentials do I need’ now.

Step 4- Google is going to ask you for creating an ‘OAuth 2.0 client ID’. Click on ‘Create client ID’ after choosing a name for your account.

Step 5- Under the category ‘product name shown to users’ you must enter ‘My Google Assistant’ and clicking on ‘Continue’. Instead of clicking on ‘Download’ here, you should click on ‘Done’.

Step 6 – Your client ID will be shown under OAuth 2.0 client IDs list. For downloading the .json file you will have to click on the farthest Download button on the right side. This file has to be saved on your computer anywhere.

Step 7- In Activity Controls Page of your Google account the following must be enabled;  “Web & App Activity”, “Location History”, “Device Information”, and “Voice & Audio Activity”.

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Instructions to Install Google Python:

Step 1- Enter “py -m pip install google-assistant-sdk[samples]” command in prompt command.

Step 2- Now enter the command below in prompt command.                                                                              “py -m googlesamples.assistant.auth_helpers –client-secrets path\to\your\”

Step 3- Next you will see a notification of URL on your screen. Copy paste that URL and open it in a separate window and select the API you made with the same Google account.

Step 4- When you click next, you will be given a code number which you need to enter in the command prompt “Enter the Authorization Code” box.

The installation will start after and will finish in no time for the Google Python.

Run the Google Assistant:

1- Enter “python -m googlesamples.assistant.audio_helpers” in command prompt. 

2- Enter this command “python -m googlesamples.assistant”in your command prompt.

3- Your command prompt will notify you about pressing enter to send a new request. So on pressing enter you should be able to speak to Google Assistant on your computer. 

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