Technically there is not much time left in the official launch of the upcoming Samsung flagship Galaxy S9 with all its anticipated glory and charisma but for the fanatics, the duration of a few more weeks is as long as a dark winter night. There have been countless rumours and news about Galaxy S9 regarding its specs and vital features but the most interesting one so far has been the chance that Galaxy S9 could rival Apple’s Face ID feature. Now that is something many people were actually not even looking forward to because Galaxy Note 8 already has up-to-the-mark face and iris scanners which does not leave much to anticipate nevertheless. But the story is quite titillating in all honesty.

One of the members of XDA developers who is in charge of analyzing APKs for the latest Android Oreo updates for Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s apps, was recently met with a pleasant surprise when he was analyzing an APK for the app of Settings in Note 8. There he came across a brilliant reference to a brand new spec called Intelligent Scan which, apparently, has nothing to do with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because it already possesses its very own iris and face scanners. This revelation has led the XDA developer to believe that the slight reference to Intelligent Scan must be a prelude to an amazing feature that would crawl into the high fidelity specs of Samsung upcoming flagship and no wonder Galaxy S9 could rival Apple’s Face ID, at last.

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The main reason why Apple’s Face ID is unmatched so far is that it is a 3D scan whereas Galaxy S8 and Note 8 both come with 2D scanning technology. As far as we know for now, Samsung Galaxy S9 is also having a 2D scanning feature which makes it implausible to believe that Galaxy S9 could rival Apple’s Face ID feature. Since there were quite a few technical difficulties that the developers were unable to meet with, thus making it an impossible feat for Galaxy S9 to be designed and launched with 3D scans like its opponent. However, the news are that Galaxy S9 would be endowed with dual scanning feature where the face scanner as well as the iris one would work in harmony for unlocking the device.

The point of dual scanning is that the device won’t be unlocked unless both face and iris scan are matched with the data in the device otherwise the handset shan’t unlock itself. The feature is a cool one but the major question this proposition poses is the same concern we have mentioned above that the technology used in Galaxy S9 is still 2D and Samsung, yet, has not announced or discussed any such information. The whole scenario is an interesting one and it is making the fans around the world quite restless. The release date, though, is nearing and the heart throbbing has increased of many a million around the globe. There is still a fat chance that Galaxy S9 could rival Apple’s Face ID but instead of more anticipation it shall be better to wait since both Galaxy S9 and S9+ are going to be launched on February 25.

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