Probably you’re home by now, you’ve opened the safest packing of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and are much excited to experience it’s new characteristics in short time. You may not be much familiar to every single short way of your newly bought Samsung Galaxy Note 8, so we bring some of the most important Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tips and tricks at your disposal. 

Styled with S pen stylus and top most upgraded software in the world, Galaxy Note 8 is a characteristic-packed device but many high points are still hidden under it’s exterior.

We are about to discuss few of the Samsung Note 8 Tricks and Tips that you may require to know for making much of your brand new Samsung phablet.

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Get to know how to use Bixby:

You might be using one of the Android Smartphones from recent Samsung series, most obviously Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, then you will be able to handle Bixby. It’s Samsung’s personal Android Operating System which works in the same way as Siri on the Apple phones and the Google Assistant on much Android phones.

It is valued giving Bixby a chance because it can handle music, give you your everyday schedule and is able to do lots of other work. There is another thing known as Bixby Vision, that permits to capture photographs of everything you see and identifies it to Bixby that it is a landscape , simplifies the text or trace when it is a product.

It’s extremely priceless when you are somewhere out for holidays and visit some tourism spot but you are not having any piece of details about that place. Sometimes it may not work though.

That irritating button can be switched off:

Exceptional as Bixby is, there is an annoying button which can surely irritate you when pressed unintentionally and it is on the side of Phone. It leads to the opening of an irritating portal. It is now allowed to switch off the Bixby button as Samsung has grasped that not every person requires to take advantage of this characteristic.

This key cannot be remapped, it can simply be switched off by following the guidelines to switch off the Bixby button.

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Screen off note-taking:

One of the biggest advantages of Galaxy Note 8 and it’s S Pen stylus is taking notes, usually we need to write down few notes in a quick timing instead of wasting time in unlocking the Phone and open some special note writing app.

Favorably Samsung has provided a solution to this issue along Galaxy Note 8, the device helps in noting down stuff, supporting you to write down on display without switching it on in a good manner.

It is quick and functions really well, you just need to take out the S Pen when the screen is off and start tracing instead of searching via applications.

The screen is limited to full HD by default:

Need to make much of the screen on Galaxy Note 8? Might be you’re not familiar to this but Samsung’s Android Operating System restricted it to Full HD resolution by default regardless of it covering a QHD+ panel.


If you are willing to use the display at maximum power, you should move to settings, click display and modify into QHD below screen resolution. It’ll be a good decision if you will be making enough use of this for virtual certainty.

Beware, using this will give a hard time to the battery and you will get to know that your battery finishes earlier within the day than if you leave it on maximum HD.

Even being wet the Waterproof S Pen will write:

You might be familiar with the fact that Galaxy Note 8 is the water resistant Phone but you might not know that it can still write with the S Pen stylus even when blanketed with water. It shows you are able to write and stream on phone at the time when it is wet all over.

Probably we can not get more use of this, but it means you may still use S Pen’s update in this android Oreo when you are outside in rain and don’t be conscious if the stylus becomes a bit moist.

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It works with Samsung Dex

Samsung Dex is the Doc that can be used to join the phone with the screen along a keyboard and a mouse for using that as production gadget.

It shows a good working as you will always have the hardware base on your table with the screen, keyboard and mouse so, simply join the phone in when you require to use.

It might not be a valuable instrument for everyone but an easy option to proceed towards a big Note 8’s screen.

Better translation tools

In case you type the content in an international language, S Pen can be used to visualize the text and your device will compose it’s better formation in your selected language. It is a wise characteristic but sometimes it may interpret wrong few of the text with any translating tool.

Two apps can be used at once

Note 8’s huge screen which is 6.3-inch long, is among the excellent mobiles that can be used for multi-working, particularly when you are able to use Android’s divided monitor view.

It is an easy procedure as well. You just need to click ‘Recents’ key among the soft keys at end of display, that is known by you as currently running app menu.

On currently opened apps that seems to be two rectangles at top of each other, you may click multitasking bar so, it’ll open that in compressed half monitor look. Now you may adjust line in between to alter the size of apps.

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Toggles can be re-ordered in notification shade

You may not be satisfied with the arrangement of toggles in notification shade at time when it is brought from top to bottom of display. You are free to select the arrangement of your choice to put most demanded characteristics if first display of shade.

For doing this, you have to move your finger from top to bottom of display to get to notification shade. Now you’ll need to click on cog at top right and click ‘button order’. It will now permit you to switch up arrangement.

Audio’s quality can be improved fortified via ‘hearing test

Move to sound and vibration menu inside settings, you will see an option known as ‘Adapt Sound’ here you will proceed for the hearing test planned by Samsung to individualize audio you listen on you device.

It’ll provide you with variety of beeps for the starting part of test, then it’ll ask you about the ear that you choose to listen your calls. Now, you will experience the audio much improved after getting ‘Adapt Sound’ characteristic switched on.

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