Samsung has been known for coming up with phones that would leave you in an awe. Every year their latest flagship device is the most awaited smartphone in the world. This year they have done it again. Their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is another amazing device. People around the globe have been eagerly waiting for it. But like any other smartphone, Samsung Note 8 is also having problems.

It seems that as more people are using the phone, more problems tend to surface. In this article, we are going tell you about the most common problems faced by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users and their potential solutions. We will also keep updating the article as we believe that more and more problems will surface as the phone gets introduced in other parts of the world as well.

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We believe that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a worthy replacement for Note 7 due to its 6.3 display and dual cameras. Since it is a smartphone and technology is never perfect so this is pretty expected. We will walk you through the main problems and their solutions.

Full Screen Problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The phone comes with a 6.3 inch display with 18:6 aspect ratio. Several people have complained regarding the full screen problem. They say that some of the apps are not working well with the big screen. The sleek and slim design might be easy to hold, but it for sure isn’t that compatible with apps. The apps that are not compatible tend to have a black bar at the top and at the bottom. Although most apps tend to fit the screen well, but if you come across one you don’t have to worry . We have a solution to this problem.

1. You need to launch the Setting app from there tap on the Display.
2. Look for option ‘Full Screen Apps and tap on it.
3. Select the apps that are not selected and turn on the full screen app.
4. Doing this will automatically scale to 18:5:9 aspect ratio and the app will be displayed on the entire screen.
Another way is that when you see an app that is not fully displayed on the screen, you should hit the recent apps button and then click on the green expand icon.

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Fingerprint Scanner Problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you have a problem unlocking your phone or you are having trouble scanning your fingerprint, you don’t have to worry. Since there is no hard home button, therefore it is difficult to reach it. Once you put the phone in the cover, the fingerprint scanner becomes more difficult to reach out to. Although we can’t change where it is located but we can help you with the scanning problem.

We suggest that you delete your currently saved finger print and reinstall it. Make sure that you follow the right directions, change angels and use tips of your finger to ensure that everything is properly installed.
Also try to install more than one finger, you can install the same finger again too for better results. This will surely resolve the problem, but if you think it is with the hardware, we suggest you contact Samsung customer relationship.

Iris and Face Scanner Problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

To overcome the bad fingerprint scanner, Samsung did come up with a number of other solutions such as the iris scanner and the face scanner. However, it is reported that Note 8 users are facing with issues with both iris and face scanner.

Although eye scanner seems to be working pretty well, the phone has ability to scan eyes in the dark, different angles, through glasses as compared to its predecessors Note 7. Although, the results may differ once under use. In case you are having a problem with the iris scanner, delete the saved one and reinstall it. Make sure your eyes are properly opened and you have proper light.

The facial recognition works pretty well for some whereas it was a bad experience for others. Also, your picture can be used to unlock to we suggest you should be careful with this feature of unlocking with your phone. We recommend using smart lock for unlocking your phone. Smart lock uses Bluetooth accessories, trusted location at work or home and your voice to unlock the phone.

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The facial recognition is hit or miss, personally, not to mention a picture can unlock your phone. So use smart lock. To enable smart lock follow the steps below.

1. Go to Settings.
2. Then look for Lock-screen and Security and tap on it.
3. Now search for Smart Lock and enable it. Now customize the location, voice and Bluetooth accessories.

App Drawer Button Missing Problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Besides the home button, Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t even have an app drawer button. Because of this reason some users are getting difficulty looking for the apps that have installed. There is a solution to this problem as well.

Samsung has made things easier, all you have to do now is swipe ip anywhere on the bottom of the screen and it will open an app tray. You can access any apps that you have installed it. But if you like the old way, you can revert it back as well. To do so, press and hold any blank place on the screen. Doing this will zoom out and it will bring the layout page to an edit.

You will also be able to widget and background options. Now hit the setting button, and tap on apps button and lastly select the show apps button. Once this is done, tap on done and head back. Now you will have a button at the bottom to see the apps that you downloaded.

Also, you can add all apps to the home screen via the home screen only option like iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wi-Fi Problem

Whenever a phone comes out, they often tend to face different Wi-Fi problems. Note 8 users are also complaining about some Wi-Fi problems. They say either the connection drops, have weak signals and similar problems. If you had transfer data from your old Samsung to this new one via SmartSwtich your passwords would be transferred to and they might work well.

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But if you are facing a Wi-Fi problems you do have few options. Start with forgetting your old W-Fi passwords, reenter them. Also, go to settings, from there to connection and then tap on W-Fi. Turn off your home network for about 10 seconds and restart it. This often did resolve problems for a number of people.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth Problems

Like Samsung S8, Note 8 is also having a problem with its Bluetooth. Its not Note 8 problem but seems overall Android problem. Note 8 are having trouble connecting their Bluetooth with devices such as speakers and cars. If you are having trouble we suggest you try forgetting paired devices and then reconnecting them. If the problem still persists we suggest that you contact their the Samsung customer service.

Go to Settings, from there to App and look for the Bluetooth and clear cache. This has solved problems for many.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Performance Problems

Samsung Note 8 comes with the latest OS and 6GB RAM. When you get your hands on the phone, you tend to install a lot of apps. As time pass you install more games and you might not the performance is going down. So, the thing is that you should delete apps and games that you no longer use. They tend to consume space and then in turn causes the performance to drop.

Uninstalling these apps are likely to improve the performance of your phone. Also try disabling apps that you use rarely this will also boost your performance.

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Increasing the speed of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

You need to slim down the apps that are going to drain the resources. This will increase the speed, performance and overall responsiveness. We suggest you disable these apps. Also disable briefing news app. Also, keep your apps updated. For this you would have to go to Samsung app drawer and see for any app that is not updated. Update it for better experience. Although some models might not have galaxy app store.

Screen Resolution Problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Note 8 comes with a 6.3 display and it has a stunning display of 2960 x 1440 quad HD resolution. This makes the game and movies look great, however, it also effects the performance. There Note comes with 1080p resolution by default. You easily change that from the settings if you like to have higher resolution. To do simply go to Settings, from there to Display then tap on Screen Resolution and slide right to enable the full WQHD+ And hit apply.

Screen color Problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In S8 people were having certain color combination problem. They said that the some colors were having a redish or pinkish tint to them. Most of the users did not like it. Till now there haven’t been this complain with Note 8 but in case for you tend to come across color problem in the future, here is how you can fix it.
Go to setting from there you need to tap on display.

Then look for the screen recording screen mode and select a new color mode. You will get a number of options including basic, AMOLED photo, and AMOLED cinema. For the complete adjustment of the screen displays, Note 8 comes with a fifth color balance option, Perfectionists. Taping on this gives you more control over RHB spectrum.

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Wet Speaker Problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Like its predecessors Note 8 is also water resistant. You can drop your phone in the water without having a heart attack. However, some users have complained that their speakers tend to give them trouble when they are wet. You don’t have to worry about it. All you have to do is wait till they are dry. Once they have dried properly they will be back to normal.

Slow or Wireless Charging Problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Due to the problem with other Samsung phones, the company has installed an industry leading 8-point battery check. So we are pretty sure that the phone is safe to use. We understand that people are still concerned, so they can always use the cover or if they still are worried they should head to Settings.

From there they you need to go to Battery, and turn of the fast cable charging. This means the phone is no longer charged quickly and less likely to get hot and burst. Doing this will increase the charging time to 2 hours instead of an hour or so.

In case you are facing slow charging problem, it is imperative to ensure that you are using the original charger and cable. They are likely to improve the overall charging process of your phone.

Camera Problems Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

People have been complaining that they are having issues with their camera, they tend to get the warning camera failure notification. Also, there is some problem that keeps the screen on while you are looking at the front camera. You can turn off this option by going to settings, advanced features and turn off smart stay.

Frozen Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If your phone isn’t working or it is completely frozen, you can still reboot your phone. There is a combination of hardware buttons for that. All you have to do is press and hold the power button along with the volume down button for about 7-8 seconds. The phone will restart resolving many minor problem.

Factory Reset of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We don’t you would have any major issue with the phone, but if you do try factory resetting. To do so go to Settings, General Management and tap om Reset.

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