Apple has announced the very anticipated iOS 11 today and it is breathtaking with its exquisite features like user-interface enhancements, improvements in Siri and much more. We will have a quick look at the following features of this latest operating system for iPhone.

(i) Augmented Reality Kit (ARKit):

Developers can use the ARKit for offering VR and AR apps which will be a whole new experience for the iPhone user. ARKit is capable of fast motion detection, scale estimation and integrating with third party engines is a piece of cake. It uses motion sensors, camera and CPU/GPU of the smartphone for working the way it does, magnificently.

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(ii) iMessage synced with iCloud:

This is another brilliant feature in iOS 11 where iMessage apps will be in total sync with iCloud implying that they will be at your disposal on all of your iOS devices. 

(iii) Improvements for Chinese Market:

China is one of the largest markets for Apple, thus iOS 11 features many a compatibility with Chinese region such as QR code for iOS camera app, local dialect support, phone number being used as Apple ID and more. iOS 11 is due to get a lot of acceptance and admiration in China for sure.

(iv) Apple Pay Synced with iMessage:

In iOS 11 Apple is launching Apple Pay Synced with your iMessages of your iPhone. Now users will be able to transfer money to another person’s account by just sending an iMessage. You will also be able to pay at shops and buy stuff online with Apple Pay. 

(v) Upgraded Siri:

The update for Siri is one of the biggest one Apple has brought in its new version of iOS. Siri will be helping you by more than just a talking voice. It will read and save your browsing history, the words you use in your emails and message and will be recommending you words you often use or a webpage or website depending on your browsing history. 

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Siri will also be able to speak in more than one language. It’s not going to be just English like before. Now Siri will be able to speak in Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Italian. Apple plans to introduce more languages in near future. Now a “man” and a woman voice will also be heard in Siri with iOS 11.

(vi) App Store Revamped:

iOS 11 will bring a completely revamped App Store with introducing “Today” tab in which you will have an app of the day which iPhone app store will pick for you everyday. The page will be updated everyday.

Games and apps will have their own tabs with more information and reviews easier to read. You will also be able to see you in-app purchases in the app store, which Apple App Store didn’t had before.

(vii) Apple Music:

Apple is trying to catch up with Spotify with this new update in Apple Music. Listeners now will be able to see what music their friends are listening to as long as they have selected to share their playlists and favorite music to people they want to share it with.

(viii) Camera App Up-gradation: 

Camera app in iOS 11 is getting a major upgrade. Specially the iPhone 7 users are in for a treat as they will be able to use HVEC format for video making which helps your camera cover lesser space and produce stunning quality video with your mobile camera. Also HEIF image format is being introduced only in iPhone 7 series, which will offer double compression in your iPhone camera app.

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Also taking photos in low light would be better than before, portraits mode has True Tone Flash, HDR, OIS and a new Depth API built in them with Live Photo getting few tweeks like users being able to mute, change exposure or trim the photo, and also you can select frames now. 

(ix) Control Center Revamped:

Control center is completely changed in iOS 11. It covers full screen now and everything is on the same page unlike before with a few more options. 

(x) Lock Screen & Notification Center Merger:

It has become a lot easier to go to your notification center from lock screen by just simple swipe up and down in iOS 11. It has been merged into one in iOS 11. 

(xi) Apple Maps:

Apple maps also got a cool update with detailed floor maps of key public places like shopping malls, airports and train/bus stations. A lane guidance and speed limit checker is also introduced in the Apple Maps. 

(xii) Do Not Disturb Mode for Drivers:

To help drivers while driving, Apple has introduced “do not disturb mode” when you are driving. Your iPhone will automatically go silent once it detects you are driving 

(xii) New Airplay:

Apple is introducing AirPlay 2 in iOS 11 with more than one speakers and multi-room support feature.

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