Samsung Galaxy is the new hype in the tech world. It seems that people around the globe are falling in love with this amazing and outstanding phone. Both Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus come with an ultra-sonic in display fingerprint scanner. We do believe this is a cool feature of the phone. Samsung Galaxy is the new device to use such as amazing and outstanding technology. However, it seems that you might have to face a slight problem regarding the fingerprint scanner. If that is the case, we have come up with a way to resolve Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner not Working Problem.

If you are among the few lucky ones who have their hands on this amazing piece of technology, you are in for a treat. However, you might have some issues with the fingerprint scanner, thus we devote an entire article on how to resolve Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner not working problem.

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Optical Scanner vs. Samsung’s Ultra- Sonic fingerprint scanner

Before we go on to resolving the issue, it is always better to have a little knowledge regarding emerging technology and its uses. Before Galaxy S10, there are been some devices that used this particular technology. Although, Samsung did enhance the in-display used in the Galaxy phones. The previous phones were using an optical sensor that means a 2D camera.  The camera takes a 2D photo of your finger and it then compares it with the saved version. This is the way a 2D camera under the display authenticates the access.

The optical scanner did lead to a series of issues, security being on top. It was easy to fool an optical sensor. OnePlus T, Vivo Next, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and a couple of others are using the optical sensor in-display fingerprint scanner.

Samsung’s ultra-sonic fingerprint scanner on the other hand has a completely different mechanism. It uses a different technology as it creates a 3D image of your fingerprint instead of relying on a 2D image.  Ultra-sonic releases high frequency waves and it keeps track of the time taken for each wave to bounce back. All this information takes just a second to process, thus making ultra-sonic in-display scanner better in comparison to the other one. We can easily say that Samsung’s ultra-sonic display is more secure in comparison to the optical sensor scanner.

Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner Issues

There is no doubt that ultra-sonic fingerprint scanner is the new technology and it will take it a bit of time to mature. We are not saying that the technology is in its beta phase, but it is not completed matured as well. It is between the two phases, and it will take time and customer

Every technology requires time to become reliable and efficient. If we remember the time, we first came across the capacitive fingerprint sensors, we remember sometimes it got really troublesome to unlock the phone. You might end up entering your password in order to unlock your phone. However, we have come a long way from that. Today’s capacitive sensors work seamless and they offer the best smartphone experience. Even the small budget phones have outstanding quality capacitive.  The OEMs now claims a fast 0.03 seconds unlock using your finger.

The ultra-sonic fingerprint scanner, on the other hand, is a first generation and it is going to take time for it to become flawless. If we expect it to become flawless from the very start, that is really expecting a lot.

Numerous users have issues with the S10 fingerprint scanner and they are looking for a way to resolve Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner not Working Problem.

How to resolve Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner not Working Problem:

The bad news is there is no magical way to fix your fingerprint scanner issue, however, you should wait up for the update. There is a high possibility that Samsung will roll out an update that will improve the working of the sensor. After all, Samsung did speed up the Iris unlocking on Note 9, Note 8, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8. This feature came with the One UI update.

It seems that both optical scanner as well as ultra-sonic scanners are not better than the capacitive fingerprint sensors. Mainly because the capacitive sensor technology has been around for years, in comparison to the other new fairly new technologies.

Avoid using Tempered Glass on S10

If you are using a tempered glass screen protector, that might be the problem. Many users claim that after they removed the tempered glass screen protector there was a visible improvement in the working of the ultra-sonic in-display fingerprint scanner.

Therefore, we suggest you remove the tempered glass screen protector provided it is not a certified one. At the moment, Samsung recommends using Whitestone tempered glass for S10 devices.

Regular Screen Protectors

Unlike Whitestone company that has customized their product according to Samsung needs, regular protectors do not offer any such possibility. However, we would suggest that wait for the Samsung ones as they will be available in a couple of days’ time.

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