Since iPhone Plus models including iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad come with a big screen, thus Apple tries to make the best out of it. To make things easier to access, these devices offer the split screen feature, apps such as Calendar, Mail, and Message come with the split screen feature. However, there are certain who are not a fan of this feature and wants to get rid of it, not a problem. In this article, we will teach you how to remove a split screen from your device.

NOTE: On iPad, you can use multiple apps in the split screen option, however, with iPhone this feature is limited only to the above-mentioned apps.

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iPad: How to turn off split screen:

You can either turn off the split screen feature altogether or close the current split screen. For the later, you close the split screen the same way you opened it. To open split screen, you first open the slide by swiping from the right side of the screen and then from the center of the screen. So to close it, you need to first swipe left, back to slide over, and to close it entirely you would have to swipe left again.

To turn off the feature, go to Setting, General, from there to Select Multitasking and Toggle off the “Allow Multiple Apps” option.

iPad: Removing Split Screen in Safari

iOS 10 comes with a new multitasking feature. This feature lets you split screen in Safari, i.e. you can open two different Safari pages simultaneously on your iPad. Isn’t this cool, however, you are not comfortable with it, you can always get rid of the split screen.

But before we close it, you need to know to activate it. There are 4 ways through which you can split a screen in Safari.

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  • First, you need to tap and hold the link that you want to open in the Split screen, and from the popup menu close Open in Split View.
  • From the External Keyboard, tap Command along with letter N.
  • Drag the required tab to either right or left side of the screen to open it in the split screen mode.
  • The icon that opens the tabs in Safari, you need to tap and hold it. A pop-up menu will appear and select the Open Split View from it.

You now know the way to open the split screen mode, let’s learn how to turn it off.

  • Drag the tabs from one screen to the other, once all the tabs are dragged, Safari will automatically open the full-screen mode.
  • Or you can merge all tabs by pressing and holding the tab icon, and selecting the “Merge all Tabs” option from the popup menu.

iPhone: Split Screen Turn Off

You can use the split screen option with Mails, Calendar and message on your iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus. This feature is by default enabled in these apps, however, if you want to get rid of it, follow the steps listed below.

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  • Go to Setting, from there you need to look for Display & Brightness.
  • Once you find it, tap on it and then on Select View. Then you need to tap on Zoomed option located at the top. After than select set.
  • Now you would be asked to Confirm “Use Zoom”, confirm it and your phone will restart. After it reboots, the split feature will be gone.

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