MetroPCS is amazing services, among their prominent features they have the MetroPCS Wi-Fi that lets you call anytime, anywhere even when you are running low on signals. Or you don’t’ have any signals altogether.

To access MetroPCS services, you need to create an account. You would be given a Pin and a password but what if you forget that pin or password what are you to do? You won’t be able to pay your bills online, or you won’t be able to add features to your plan neither will be able to upgrade your plan. We understand how troublesome this can be, but there is a way out. You can easily recover your forgotten password and Pin for your MetroPCS account.

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How to recover forgotten Password of MetroPCS account

These steps are pretty simple and effective. You would first have to visit the MetroPCS account login page. There look for the Forgot Password option, it is usually located under the bar where you enter the account details. Click on it and you will be able to enter the mobile number so that a password recovery link can be sent either to your phone or to your email address. This option depends on your account preferences. Now click on the recovery and create a new password for your account. That is it, you are good to go now.

How to recover the Forgotten Pin of MetroPCS Account

In case you have lost the Pin of your MetroPCS account, we suggest that you contact their customer representative right away. The eight-digit pin often referred as security number is imperative to log in and you create it when you are setting your account up. The best and easy way to get it back by contacting the customer service and these people will take care of the problem.

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