There are many third-party apps that let you record call, but they are illegal, however, Android P has come up with a solution to record phone calls lawfully. According to rumors, Android P already offers the ability to record calls, now it simply means that the other person will know regarding the call recording. Most OEMs did not implement Android P call recording feature until now.

However, things are taking a turn and it seems that you can easily record calls lawfully. Do remember, that the other person would know that his or her call is being recorded. You cannot do call recording without their permission.

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Record Phone Calls Lawfully: Tone Information

When the call-recording feature is enabled on a device, a note tends to play after every 15 seconds provided the carrier allows it. It works by detecting the name of the recording app along with the API it was previously using. If any package is found an outgoing call will have a tone that is to warn the user regarding the fact that the other person is recording the call. You won’t be able to stop the tone as it will be played automatically. However, the tone does depend on the carrier configuration and that information is taken from the SIM card. The tone is to ensure that you record phone calls lawfully.

What we know so far is that Vodafone Germany is the only carrier that is supporting the recording tone feature. This is because Germany is different from other countries in this regard. In other countries, the call recording can be one-party i.e. only the recording party would now the other party does not need to know. However, in Germany, both the parties have to be aware of the fact that a call recording is going on. The consent of both parties is imperative.

Record Phone Calls Lawfully: The Downside

There is one downside to all this, the receiving end person cannot disable the feature. Even though they might know their call is being recorded, but they can’t do anything to change that fact. If this becomes a serious issue, we do believe that the rooting community will find a way out. After all,  it will cause them some small android changes. If you are not a fan of this feature, you don’t have to worry much. As it works only on Android P and that too on certain carriers.

We do believe that this will be a good change, as both parties will know regarding the call recording. Now popular call recording software such as BoldBeast Call Recorder stand a chance as they will be able to record phone calls lawfully.

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