Like emoticons, abbreviation for emotional icons and now called emojis widely, gifs are also a great way of showing your reaction, emotions, state of mind and whatnot. The debate over how to pronounce the very word is as old as the day gifs came into being but here it is not the point.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the first smartphone that gave you the opportunity of creating your on gifs and it did not end there. Galaxy S8/S8+ come with the very same feature and you can customize your own personal gif from the media in your phone’s memory as in a recorded video or from an online source of your choice.

The point to keep in mind here is that not all external/online sources would allow you to screen record a gif from their content, of which the chief example is Netflix as it completely disallows you from doing so. On the other hand, apps like Plex and YouTube are way more flexible and do not impose any such restrictions.

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How to record a customized animated gif on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

Step 1- First off choose the video that you intend to customize as a gif and then swipe to the left for accessing the edge panel functionality

Step 2- Next swipe to the left two times for going to the ‘Smart select’ tools and there tap on ‘Animated gif’. Selection tool shall appear then for creating the gif.

Step 3- Now you have to tap on the ‘Animated gif selection tool’ and drag it in the video where you want to create the gif.

Step 4- The corner tools will help you in changing or adjusting the dimensions of the gif that you are creating.

Step 5- You can tap on either ‘Normal quality’ or ‘High quality’ for choosing the gif resolution quality. and the size of your gif file will depend on the length and the quality of the gif that you have chosen.

Step 6- Before you tap on the ‘Record’ button, it is better you tap on ‘Play’ to have smooth running frames in your gif.

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Step 7- Now you may tap on ‘Record’ and then ‘Stop’ once you are done and the maximum length you can record is 15 seconds.

Step 8- A preview of your gif will be shown to you and you may tap on ‘Save’ if you are happy with the gif and save it in your media gallery or else tap on ‘Share’ to show it to others via social media apps.



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