Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ has numerous praise worthy features and Bixby is definitely one of them. Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant and functions in perfect harmony with the device’s other operations. It is accessible either by swiping in right direction on home screen or pressing the Bixby button. Bixby displays information about most of the apps installed in your smartphone and that is overwhelming for most of the users and unnecessary as well.

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This is a default setting where Bixby is supposed to be showcasing most of the supported apps and they are Samsung’s stock apps. Google apps still need support from Bixby and that has to be on halt for now at least. But for the rest of the apps you can easily tailor Bixby to your accord. Most people are in favour of turning off all the apps’ information altogether leaving Bixby to not showing anything at all and that is fine.

Moreover, you can prioritize as to which apps you want on top and which ones can be pushed down or turned off altogether. Bixby cards can be easily re-arranged by following these simple steps.

How to re-arrange Bixby cards on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

1 Swipe in the right direction on your home screen on directly press the Bixby button.

2 Tap on the menu button of the desired card you want on top on Bixby.

3 Tap on the ‘Pin to top’ option and there you have it.

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