This is the first smartphone by the gaming Life Style Company. According to the Razer’s head of mobile Tom Moss, once you start using this smartphone, it will be difficult for you to switch to another. The phone under discussion is Razer Phone. Most of you might be aware of the company, Razer as they are known for headsets and laptops.

The phone is finally here, and once you hold it you will notice the difference. It is not something you have held before. The modern trend is of rounded rectangles with curved edges screens, but with Razer’s first smartphone you are going to get a black brick. You will get sharp 90 degree angels instead of the curved edge, if you want to make your phone stand on the side, you will be able to do so.

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Razer Phone- The Complete Review

Enjoy the complete Review of the phone.


Okay, the phone is big, like really big. Perfect for people like me who love having big screens. It has a 5.7-inch display with a screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. You will also see giant bezels below and above the screen. This too is different, especially when the bezels are no longer in style. You might not call it stunning, nor is it something out of the box, but there is something about it that feels right. And what is available in the market, it is different from that. In the end, it is what inside the phone that matters.

Razer Phone-Mobile Phone-Gaming Phone-Game Mobile-Gaming Mobile-Game-Mobile Game

What is inside?

Razer Phone is going to start shipping by November 17. It is going to cost you $699, and the phone is not going to get released in Australia at the moment. According to the company, this is going to be the first phone in the markets with a display that refreshes 120 times in one second. It is basically like a gaming monitor of a high-end PC such as Apple’s iPad Pro. This when combined with Ultramotion, Razer’s refreshing technique will provide you a butter-smooth scrolling experience on your phone.

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Razer Phone-Mobile Phone-Gaming Phone-Game Mobile-Gaming Mobile-Game-Mobile Game

I think this is what Tom Moss is talking about when he says that you will get upset. He believes that once you use this phone, you will find other phones terrible. Although we haven’t used the Razer phone for a week, just 15-minutes usage, we can feel the incredible smooth screen. The inside mounted power button is an excellent idea and the fingerprint scanner is right into it.

Speakers of Razer Phone

This another great addition to the phone. Well, do you remember the giant bezels we talked about above? The bezels are there for a reason, and the reason is the outstanding speakers. When Moss fires these speakers in a conference room, we were really fascinated by how loud and clear they were. They do look good, but we need to do a little more testing to be sure about them.

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Razer Phone-Mobile Phone-Gaming Phone-Game Mobile-Gaming Mobile-Game-Mobile Game

Razer Phone Specification

The phone meets the competition or exceeds it in every possible way. It comes with 8GB of RAM and is powered by a 4,000mAh battery. The phone offers an outstanding camera, it comes with 12 MO dual camera with 2x optical zoom and wide-angle lens. The phone supports up to 2TB and more external card and by default, you will enjoy a 64 GB internal memory. The phone is going to ship with Android 7.1.1. Nougat, but you can update it for the coming 2 years. The phone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, this is something which is very common in most flagship devices. They believe that their phone will perform better compared to others reason being that they have used the thermal engineering concept on the phone as well.

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

The phone does not come with water and dust proofing, it does not have wireless charging, nor does it have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Razer says that the giant speakers didn’t make it possible for them to waterproofing or the wireless charging. There a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter in the box. For US users, you won’t be able to support DMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon. The Razer phone is strictly a GSM-only affair.

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We are expecting that company will come up with more for this gaming game. When we questioned Moss, he said it is not a gaming phone, on the contrary, it is a phone that gamers will love. Not the answer we were looking for, but for now, we will go with it. In addition to above, he said, you will love watching movies on it due to its best audio quality. Also, the big bezels are there, so that you can hold the phone in landscape without blocking the screen.

Razer Phone-Mobile Phone-Gaming Phone-Game Mobile-Gaming Mobile-Game-Mobile Game

When Razer took control of Nextbit, a small phone company we were thinking on the terms that they will come up with something crazy just to get some attention. They did manage to come up with a different sort of smartphone, but the question is will they be able to hold the attention. When asked more regarding the building the phone, Razer CEO didn’t say much. All he said that the phone is a primary way people play games and the company is simply following its audience. Besides this, the company is planning to get few developers on board, for instance, the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

However, Razer Phone is not as wacky as its other products such as a totally modular PC or a triple screen laptop. The phone seems to be real, and whether this phone has a chance against Samsung or not. We will find that very soon as the phone will be shipping in few days. You can get it from Razer’s website, some Microsoft store, and Amazon. If you are in Europe, you have to go to the retail store. The pre-ordering is already in process. So, if you are looking for a gaming phone we suggest you get your hands-on Razer Phone. The phone is bound to stand out because of its solid design and amazing hardware.

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