Fortnite is not coming slow at all and Epic Games is doing a job well done by keeping its players base at more than 200 million which is not a factoid but an actual fact. Each patch brings new and exciting challenges with great upgradations to the weapons and the levels. This time we have Rarity pump shotguns in patch 6.31 to make the battle royale more worth playing and fighting for.

By now most of the players would have come to understand the fact that rarity pump shotguns in patch 6.31 are upgraded version of Rare and Uncommon guns and thus making this new upgrade even a better one-shot killer. You can easily lay your hands on these beauties in vending machines, chests and supply drops. The rare and uncommon counterparts have also been enhanced in this patch and given an increment in the range of maximum damage of these guns.

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The weapons are always an integral part of battle oriented video games or online games and Epic games takes no chance in upgrading their weaponry and artillery range introduced in the game. Rarity pump shotguns in patch 6.31 is such an example of the sort and the players are going crazy over this.

Not only the weapons but a Limited Time Mode has been introduced in this recent patch which caters to the need of super vigilant and competitive players. The teams, playing this mode, would fight to take place in the front by seeing which team gets the first 100 kills and that is some adrenaline rush we are talking about here. Apart from all this, some minor troubleshooting and bug fixes have been at work too, in the recent patch.

We hope you enjoy gathering the Rarity pump shotguns in patch 6.31 and getting your team to play in the limited time mode. Good luck with the wins.

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