Boss Key production is the video gaming designing and developing house established by Cliff Bleszinski almost about four years ago. You might have heard the name of ‘Lawbreakers’ which was a shooter game but never made it to the heights of fame and money, thus not leaving much of an impact or impression on our minds for us to remember it by. Another game based on the battlefield gaming theme, ‘Radical Heights’ was also developed and released by Boss Key and was a success. But the point here in discussion, which is actually a sad one, is that as of now Boss Key is no more. Cliff Bleszinski has declared it gone in his recent statement. So we can be sure that Radical Heights game production house is closed.

“Video games will forever be a part of who I am and I hope to make something new again someday,” Bleszinski said.

The above statement clearly shows that Boss Key may have been going through rough patch and therefore it had to meet its unfortunate destiny sooner or later, but Bleszinski is not one bit hopeless since he is already affirmative that soon he would be back in business with some fresh ideas and mind blowing game play.

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He has always been too keen on designing games and, no doubt, had hired the best possible people in market for his developmental projects over the span of four years. It must have been hard for Bleszinski to announce that Radical Heights game production house is closed but some times you have to make difficult choices to land better options.

Servers for Radical Heights will remain up for the near future, says Bleszinski.

Since Radical Heights is fully controlled by the Boss Key, its servers will keep running for some time in future and the players can complete their stages and levels in the game without any hassle. As for Lawbreakers, it is published by a company called Nexon making it impossible for Bleszinski to have any say in it. Moreover, the publisher does not seem much happy with the game in question, already so it is far fetched that the game’s servers would be up and running.

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Now that it is official that Radical Heights game production house is closed, all we can do is either get ourselves to playing Radical Height as a token of condolence or anticipate what Cliff Bleszinnki would come up with after he has enjoyed his vacation away from work and stress.


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